Equipment You’ll Need for Hunting With a Bow

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Hunting with a bow and arrow inspires such a unique feeling compared to using a standard firearm. However, just because you’ve hunted with a gun before doesn’t mean you know what you’ll need for this outing. That’s why we’ve made a list of the equipment you’ll need for hunting with a bow. Bringing the correct gear is crucial for a successful hunting trip, so be sure to pack all these items with you.

The Correct Arrowheads

We’re sure you’ve practiced with your bow and arrows at the range, but did you change out the arrowheads before you packed them up? While you can technically hunt with shooting range tips, they’ll make it much more difficult to secure the kill if you get a hit. Instead, you’ll want to try using broadheads. There is a lot to know when buying your first set, but these are the best tips you can use for hunting.

Wind Checker

If you’re new to bowhunting, then try to go out on a calm day. If that’s unavoidable or you just really like a challenge, you’ll need a wind checker. Unlike bullets, arrows are much larger and slower, so the wind can affect their flight patterns significantly. If you want a chance of hitting your target, you will need to know how fast the wind is blowing so that you can compensate for it, and that’s precisely what a wind checker will do for you.

Range Finder

In addition to the wind, gravity also has a more considerable effect on arrows than bullets, so be sure to pack a range finder as well. By looking through one of these, you will be able to discern more accurately how far your target is from you, which will help you aim accordingly. Most sights on bows will give you points to aim for based on how far away your target is.

Extra Bowstring

Overall, firearms are pretty simple. You pull the trigger, and the rest happens on its own. Sure, something might jam, but you can usually fix that with the tools you have on you. Unfortunately, bowhunters aren’t so lucky. If something breaks, that’s the end of the day for them.

That’s why the final piece of equipment you’ll need for hunting with a bow is an extra bowstring. Even though you can usually tell when a string is about to snap, it can occasionally happen out of nowhere. As long as you don’t get hurt in the process, we’re sure you won’t want to end your hunting trip right there. Having an extra string as well as any gear you’ll need to reattach it will be a necessity.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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