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The bigger the tyres you run, the more air you need your pump to move. Bigger shafts like Blackburn’s Mammoth are more likely to stick if they get dirty though, and high-volume pumps are hard work once you get to higher pressures. That means something in the middle like Crank Brothers Klic HV is the best bet for use across both road bikes and mountain bikes.

What Is A Mountain Biking Pump?

Mountain bikes are run with larger “knobbly” tyres than road bikes, and mountain biking is a lot harder on the tyre surface than racing. That makes a reliable mountain bike pump a very handy bit of kit for anyone with a mountain bike, and most need to fit into a jersey pocket or rucksack.

Many mountain bikers use pumps for both their mountain bike and road bike. Most pumps are small and light enough to carry in your pockets every day and some pumps, like the Crank Brothers Klic HV, are good for both road and mountain bike use.

Some pumped-up mountain bikers have carried enough air in their tyre to climb a mountain, so having a pump that’s capable of dealing with really big pressures is helpful.

Mountain bike pumps usually come with a “P.S.I” setting which is the same as a road bike pump and something in-between “High” and “High Pressure”. This setting is helpful because most mountain bikes are run at lower pressures to maximise grip and better tyre compliance.

The big advantage of the Crank Brothers Klic HV is that it can do high pressure, but also has a high volume of air capacity and it comes with a really smooth pump head that is easy to use on almost any tyre valve type. It does this with a quick-connect system for faster inflation.

Most mountain bike pumps fit into a back pocket or rucksack and are small enough to carry around all day. Some pumps, like the Klic, also work with road bike tyres and are quite good for inflating them too if you also ride road bikes.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

If you are a real weight-weenie, the Blackburn Mammoth may be a bit heavier than you like so you could find yourself feeling guilty every time you’ve used it up to a maximum pressure of 185psi. The weight comes from the handle which has a large diameter so you can grip it with muscle power and it will work well, but for some this will be too heavy to carry around all day.

By contrast, the Mammoth Mariposa is a light weight option for women with women-specific versions for many different popular tyre sizes. It’s easier to carry but may not be so tough, while the Mammoth pumps both high and high-pressure.

Why There Is A Need To Learn About Mountain Bike Pumps?

Mountain biking is favorite activity of tough guy men and women. And in this activity, it is crucial to own and carry the mountain bike pump with the power and features to help release pressure to soften the overall performance of the bike tire. Unfortunately, not every mountain bike pumps are created with the same performance feature to provide and sustain the suitable level of performance. And if you want to look for the most accurate review on buying the best mountain bike pumps, you need to consider some factors to avoid buying the wrong product.

Did you know that lightweight pumps are not ideal for mountain bikes? Yes, it is because mountain bikes are built differently compared to road bikes. This means that looks can be deceiving. It would be easier if you will be able to consider some factors before buying the best mountain bike pumps.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Mountain Bike Pump

Versatility- You would like to receive the pump that has the capacity to inflate different kinds of bikes because it is of great help to you rather than getting the pump that is only fit for a very special bike brand. An example snack pump that is intended for a specific kind of bikes can be the local bike shop that only lets you use it in the shop.

Ease of operation- Mountain bike pumps are rarely installed with a built-in inflator which are mostly fit for this type of bike. But again, most pumps from the grocery stores can do the job. It is because they have all the right features that you wish for in a mountain bike pump aside from being portable. They come with a built-in rocket, a built-in gage, along with the center overhead valve that allows the user to display the tire pressure.

Design- Design is also a factor to consider when choosing the best mountain bike pump. You would like to own the pump that is lightweight and portable. This would save you some energy and effort in carrying it especially when going up the hill.

Other features- There are additional features that you can find in a mountain bike pump that helps facilitate the job.

Stay Safe While Riding A Bike On the Mountain

As you probably already know, mountain biking can be very dangerous. Mountain bikers use their bike to get to the top of a mountain, and they hit obstacles, fall off of cliffs, and take a lot of risks when they’re riding. Mountain bikers need to wear equipment to be safe, and one of the most common safety measures mountain bikers take is using a mountain bike helmet.

Therefore take precautions, stay safe and enjoy the ride.

Specialized’s Air Tool Comp V2

This product was recommended by Daniel Carter from Zippy Electrics

It has one of the most accurate pressure gauges I’ve tested and has this dual-stage pressure gauge that’s close enough so you don’t need to double-check it with a dedicated pressure checker. It’s not digital, but the gauge is accurate even at low pressures, where many pumps don’t register PSI.

Mini Floor Bike Pump

This product was recommended by Ali Ubaid Rajput from Decrum

This is the super-fast tire inflation floor pump, best for a mountain bike. You can easily pump with the great grip. This is a super-compact hand pump which secures your ride.

Specialized Air Tool MTB Pump

This product was recommended by Shawn Tyrone from Las Vegas Cyclery

The Specialized Air Tool MTB pump is my pick for the most dependable and durable big-volume frame pump. It’s intended to be carried on the bike for use in all off-road conditions, but I carry mine in my Hydration pack for easy access.

It features a new inverted design, so it greatly increases air capacity, which reduces pump time by up to two minutes. Which, when you’re riding in the heat of the summer, makes tire inflation a quick process so you can get back to riding faster! Some of it’s great features are…

  • Twist locking head reduces size and can be easily converted to fit Presta or Schrader valves.
  • Machined outer barrel for extra grip while pumping.
  • All-aluminum inner and outer chamber for durable performance.
  • Water bottle boss mount included.

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