Best Upgrades to Your Camping Experience

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You should have a few things on the forefront before deciding to go on a camping trip. If you find yourself out in the wilderness, you want to prepare for what life may deliver since anything could happen at any moment. Having these things in mind will help you prepare the best upgrades to your camping experience year after year.

Know Your Surroundings

Keep a close eye on your camping spot, and make sure you educate yourself on your surroundings so you can prepare at a moment’s notice. Knowing the wildlife and weather are just a few elements worth considering to get the most out of your trip without too much sacrifice.

Time to Gear Up

Having the right gear for your trip is always the first thing you should go over. Proper planning should prevent missing any necessary items. There are some primary things that you should always have on deck. This includes a backpack, tent, stove, sleeping bag, headlamp, food, water, first aid, hygiene kit, and all-weather gear; all are necessary for camping. For those who like to get inventive, here is a list of DIY items that may help you on your trip:

  • Survival kit/First aid
  • Bucket sink
  • DIY camp chair
  • DIY MREs
  • DIY compass
  • DIY candles
  • Camp hanger

Practice Makes Perfect

These are only preliminary items worth thinking about whenever traveling, but experience is the best teacher. With time, you will learn what to cut out of the list and what to add. Some people prefer to hike with a light pack, and others hunker down and carry as much with them as possible.

If you are one to carry more, you will soon understand that this hinders your ability to travel long distances, thus taking away from the trip. So, going light has its perks. That way, you can travel all day, do what you love, and find that perfect camping spot.


Not only should you make an initial checklist before the trip, but you must keep the checklist up to date as you have your trip. That way, you can stay on top of what you do and don’t need to survive. While making this newly updated list, you can record items you wish you had taken with you or things you wish you had not.

Sometimes camping is a technical matter where you cannot find enough time to make your experience rewarding. On the other hand, there are times that it is reflective, and you want to live as ruggedly as you can while you experience mother nature. But you can use both as the best upgrades to your camping experience with the right perspective.

Best Upgrades to Your Camping Experience

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Written by Kevin O'Neill

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