Best Places To Go for Late Season Snowboarding

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If you’re planning on a snowboarding adventure during late winter or spring, it means that you can access all the slopes with visibly less crowd. Why? Because the main crowd of tourists has already snowboarded during the holiday season.

So if you’ve been patient all this while and want some quality snowboarding time minus the crowd, here are some top destinations you might want to check out. These destinations are some of the best places to go for late-season snowboarding.

Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

This is one of your top destinations for late-season snowboarding. The slopes of Arapahoe would be accessible throughout June, and the view is picturesque, to say the least! Currently, the basin comprises 1,400 acres of free terrain, where you can snowboard or ski to your heart’s content.

Vail, Colorado

This is yet another top snowboarding destination from Colorado that is open well into April. What’s more, you can easily reach the location from Denver. And if you’re planning for late-season snowboarding, you’ll receive uninhibited access to some well-thawed hiking trails. Overall, this destination is ideal for late-season snowboarding.

Mammoth Mountain, California

Mammoth Mountain is extremely generous with the closing date, and the current closing date ranges from May to July. That means that you have plenty of time to snowboard.

The location boasts an impressive 150 skiing trails and multiple terrain parks that are fun to walk by. Don’t miss out on this incredible California snowboarding venue.

Sun Valley, Idaho

This is yet another top destination for your late-season snowboarding. You can ski or snowboard in Sun Valley until late April. This destination is also ideal if you’re looking to hike or snowboard around the western parts.

Currently, the skiing resort of Sun Valley boasts vertical drops of 3,400 feet. To top that off, you will find at least 65 ski runs and a whopping 30 acres for snowboarding.

Bottom Line

Well, these were some of the top destinations where you can make the most of your time with snowboarding. The destinations have plenty to offer, and since you visit them during late winter, you can enjoy some wonderful slopes without huge crowds.

So all you need to do is check this list of the best places to go for late-season snowboarding, pick your favorites, pack your bags, and head out right away!

Written by Johnathan Hanson

Enduro and DH Mountain bike enthusiast.

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