Best Nutrition for Competitive Sports

The best athletes in the world take their diet seriously for a reason. Consuming foods rich in nutrients directly correlates to performing at your best. If you want to reach that next level in your sport, or you have a big game coming up, we provide the best nutrition for competitive sports.

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s no question that water is the best thing you can consume on a daily basis. As an athlete, you will want to consume even more water to avoid soreness and dehydration. The best route is to consume water throughout the day and during the game itself. Try to carry a water bottle with you, so you don’t forget to hydrate often.

Consume Carbs

While many people see carbohydrates as the enemy, it’s crucial for athletes to get plenty of them. The key, however, is to consume healthy carbohydrates contained in foods such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, bananas, and other fruits. Consuming healthy carbohydrates will get you ready for gameday.

Eat Lean Protein

Being an athlete also means working out in the gym to get bigger, faster, and stronger. To build muscle, you will want to consume lean protein such as fish, chicken, and pork. You can also get good protein from shakes and bars; they can also help you avoid hunger and provide a good source to eat prior to a game.

Avoid Fatty Foods

This piece of advice for the best nutrition for competitive sports is an obvious one. Try to avoid sugary foods full of trans fats, processed sugar, and preservatives. This means cutting out junk food. You want to do this so that you can perform at the best of your ability. While this doesn’t mean you have to give up all those delicious foods, don’t consume them in the days leading up to a game, and especially avoid them the night before.

Eat a Good Breakfast

The final thing you can do starts in the morning, which means getting a good breakfast in you. This may prove more difficult if you have a game in the morning, but a good, healthy breakfast full of nutrients can set you up for success when you have a big game, tryout, or tournament.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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