The Best Mountain Biking Trails in Nevada

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Nevada is known as the home of Las Vegas and millions flock to the city to experience the world famous casinos. But the state is much more than just Sin City. Nevada is also a hotspot for avid mountain bikers and has several highly rated biking trails. If you are heading to the state in the near future these four are the best mountain bike trails you should try out.

The Blue Diamond Nevada

Blue Diamond is home to Nevada’s best biking trails. In an in-depth Forbes feature on biking in Blue Diamond, travel writer Rob Reed notes that the famed single-track is “the center of the Red Rock trail.” The trail is exhaustive, and will take you deep into the Nevada desert. Then there is the punishing Dead Horse to Satan’s Escalator trail that takes you to the highest point of area. The hard work is worth it thought for the views. The descent is very fast, especially when you pass the Techno and Desert Slalom trails.

There’s another reason we put Blue Diamond first. It’s close to the Red Rock Casino. That means you can use it as a take off and end point. Staying at the casino is the best way to experience Nevada’s two top attractions – nature and casino gaming, as Red Canyon has one of the best poker rooms in-state. It may be away from the famous Las Vegas Strip, but it is still a popular destination for top players. So if you do decide to play, it is best to come prepared. The increasing number of online resources dedicated to poker means that most players at the table will have had some form of tuition. The extensive guides on partypoker cover Texas Hold’em and Omaha, which are two of the most popular variations of the card game played across the world, and both can be played at the Red Rock Casino. Just like the Blue Diamond trails, you will need your wits about you to succeed. That being said, a game or two here is a great way to unwind after a tough ride.

Bootleg Canyon

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Bootleg Canyon is a world-famous bike park, and one that can give Blue Diamond a challenge for Nevada’s top biking location. It is known for its 24 trails and most of these trails were designed and built in the 1990s by local artist Brent Thomson. These official trails have varying degrees of difficulty, from very easy to extremely challenging. But Bootleg Canyon’s most popular trail is known as The Gazebo. Other popular trails include the East and West Legs, Inner Calder Trail, Middle Lake View, Skyline, Dual Slalom, and Caldera. There are also unofficial trails, each posing a different challenge. This means expert and novice bikers alike can enjoy Bootleg Canyon.

Sierra Canyon Trail

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While the Sierra Canyon trail is relatively obscure compared to any of Blue Diamond’s trails, it is still a must try trail. The good news is that more bikers are discovering it. Nestled in the Lake Tahoe region, the Sierra Canyon Trail is a single-track descent spanning 9 miles just off the Tahoe Rim Trail. The trail offers an expansive view of Carson Valley before passing through springs, aspen groves, and cottonwoods. But the highlight is the steep descent. It will lead you to the old town of Genoa, where you can check out Genoa Bar and The Pink House restaurant. You can even unwind at David Walley’s Hot Springs Resort afterwards.

Flume Trail

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The Flume Trail is one of Western America’s best routes, and it begins at the stunning Spooner Lake. The off-road trail then ends near the Ponderosa Ranch at Incline Village. It passes the Carson Range from Marlette Lake all the way to Tunnel Creek Road. It’s a fairly easy ride on a mountain ridge, with few technical sections. That means you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent views without pushing yourself too hard. Just make sure you don’t confuse Flume Trail for Incline Flume, which is for hikers.

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