The Best Downhill Mountain Biking Helmets

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If you’ve been downhill mountain biking for any stretch of time then you’ll know it can be pretty sketchy at times (depending on how hard you push it). Even if your mountain biking budget is pretty thin, you can’t skip a helmet. Skip anything else but not the full face helmet. With today’s fit and retention systems, the helmets available are safer than ever. They’ll reduce the chances of serious injury by many orders of magnitude, which is why a good helmet should be one of your first and most cared for investments. Here are the ones we’ve found to be the best this year.

Fox Racing Rampage COMP Full Face Helmet

As the name would suggest, this helmet was modelled off the rampage carbon (a choice of red bull rampage and hardline riders) and offers the complete comfort and protection that those at the top of the sport would demand. With 1.16 kg of weight it’s a bit heavier than others on this list, however this does not detract from the overall feel in any major way. Thanks to seven vents, you have all the airflow you need, which is also helped by other internal channels. You can remove the padding and wash it from all the sweat, as well. If you happen to smack your head on something outside of a proper crash, the cap and body is flexible enough to not crack. The only downside of this helmet is that it’s easily marked, which can make it look older than it really is, or rougher. Overall, the Rampage Comp offers outstanding protection and a solid comfortable fit that should make it a confident choice for many. Buy the Fox Rampage Comp

Fox ProFrame

For those with a little less money, Fox produced another extremely successful helmet – the Proframe and Proframe Mink. Currently sold out on every platform it is avaliable on (at the time of writing), this helmet is an extremely popular choice for it’s balance of robustness, weight and price.

Proframe Mink [UK Link]

Proframe [UK Link]

7iDP M1 Helmet

7iDP has updated its M1 full-face helmet, making it better-looking, more lightweight and robust than ever. It now features a polycarbonate shell paired with a CPSC construction. Moreover, the M1 helmet has a really wide eye port, giving you a larger field of vision. It also allows you a much wider choice of goggles as well. With the inclusion of 17 large vents, you’ll have plenty of fresh air and better ventilation than the rampage helmet. It is also the cheapest on this list and will probably give the best value for money vs the other helmets if you aren’t looking to hit huge features (from the perspective of cost:protection). Buy the 7iDP M1

Fox Racing Rampage Pro Carbon

This legendary helmet is waiting for you to become its next champion. It will easily land any off-road gig and provide unrivaled protection. It’s lightweight and adds a boost of comfort and performance at the same time. Moreover, the sleek look will make you a lot more confident, as you have the looks of a pro. You won’t sweat in it either because the 17 vents and channels will ensure you get the maximum airflow. California knows how to engineer a helmet, and this one makes sure you have an inspired ride on the trail with maximum protection. Buy the Fox Rampage Carbon

SixSixOne Reset

Image result for sixsixone helmet

No surprises here, the most sold full face helmet on Chainreaction, the Sixsixone Reset has become staple for every major riding location we visit. It doesn’t cost the planet. It works. For many riders this is all the critera they will ever need! Buy the SixSixOne Reset

Troy Lee Designs D3 Composite Helmet Cadence

The D3 Composite is an awards winning helmet that is wholeheartedly supported by us along with the rest of the downhill and freeride world. The choice of first place riders in various world cups and Red Bull Rampage, the updated version of the class-leading D2 helmet features some genuinely creative and game changing safety features (for example the quick release jaw to allow the helmet to be safely removed in the event of a neck injury). Furthermore, the numerous functional improvements make it more comfortable and convenient than ever. It isn’t cheap, but for the price, you’ll get unbeatable quality, superior ventilation, and arguably the overall best helmet on the market. Buy the TLD D3

Wiggle do occasionaly seem to run an offer where this helmet is made avaliable for around £100 (usually for specific colours) if you get the opportunity to grab one like this we would highly recommend that you do!

POC Coron Bike Helmet

​​The POC Coron’s simplicity in graphics and new design features make it stand out in a crowded lineup. It features a new patented type of shell material called M-FORGE, which is an advanced fiber material that we will almost certainly be seeing in more protective gear in the future. It has proven to outperform any previously known material when it comes to handling impacts. It’s also much more lightweight and durable than any other known material of its type. All this new technology in the POC Coron demands a hefty price, but does a stellar job in return, helping to pave the way for the future of full face masks in the process.​ Buy the POC Coron

The helmets on this list should be more or less as expected for someone who’s been mountain biking for a while. In addition however we’d like to mention a lesser known brand that has been producing some extremely high quality full face masks in recent times.

Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet

Image result for Bell Super DH MIPS Helmet 2018

One of the most well rated mountain biking products (not just full face masks) on Chainreaction, Amazon and Wiggle, the bell super dh has certainly made an impact. To summarize the words of the many – an extremely comfortable helmet, great looks, comfortable fit, and above average ventilation. Being better rated than every other helmet on this list – it’s certainly worth a look!

In summary – this list should act as a reasonable starting point in your search for a full face helmet to suit your needs. All the helmets included here are very highly rated, ranging from brands that are very well known to those that are little known and prices from $65 to $450 – if you feel we’ve missed something then by all means get in touch!

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Written by Johnathan Hanson

Enduro and DH Mountain bike enthusiast.

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