An Unbiased Review of the Ten Best Holsters Available for Glock 19

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Top X Glock 19 Holsters

Owning a gun, for whatever reason, requires you to own a holster too, which is pertinent to carrying your weapon around easily and more importantly, to keep the gun and you and everyone around you safe. Given the popularity of Glock 19, there is a wide array of relevant holsters available in the market and it can be intimidating to choose yours wisely.

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Looking for holsters’ review? You have come to the right place!

Well, worry not! This article will assist you on what to consider while shopping for a holster, different types of holsters, and will suggest to you the current top ten Glock 19 holsters.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Holster

Being in need of a weapon holder is merely not enough, you need to do your homework aptly on which features you’re looking for in your holster.

Is it Concealable?

As the term suggests, if your preference (and/or your region/state’s requirement) is to keep your weapon hidden you must look for a holster that supports this requirement. This may also be affected by the choice of clothing or body type, so you would have to properly test it before the purchase.

Does it Provide Retention?

Probably the reason you want a holster is to keep your gun intact without a worry about misplacing it. Search for the right holster, which won’t allow your gun to pop out even during an accidental fall. Also, it shouldn’t be too impossible to draw your gun quickly. As a study suggests, high retention can often affect the draw time of your weapon.

Does it Support Your Dominant Hand?

Like usual activities, we are mostly not ambidextrous when it comes to handling a gun. Keep this factor in mind, whether your choice of holster supports your dominant hand or not.

Is it Comfortable?

Presumably, this might be the last thing on your mind, but an uncomfortable holster can have a serious impact on your mobility or daily routine. Thus, another significant factor to consider before buying a holster.

Types of Holsters

Following are some of the basic types of holsters you would have to choose from, which include:

IWB (Inside the Waistband)

These are, exactly what their name suggests, holsters tied inside your pants. This type is best suited to those who look for concealment.

OWB (Outside the Waistband)

Again evident from the name, these holsters are carried outside your waistband. The best option in the case of a comfortable holster.

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An Alien Gear’s OWB Holster

Shoulder Holsters

These holsters are harnesses designed to carry firearms under each arm or under just one. Shoulder holsters usually support both hands. Do ensure that you review a proper guide on buying a shoulder holster as there are several factors you’ve to keep in mind.

Ankle Holsters

Worn on the ankles, these holsters provide a comfortable experience. However, they do restrict easy and quick access to your weapon.

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The X Best Glock 19 Holsters

Below are ten of the best Glock 19 holsters available in the market, so without a further do let’s review each one of them in detail.

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster

Relatively new to the market, Alien Gears are gaining rapid proliferation in terms of their holsters sales. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 is the most suitable choice if concealment and comfort are your equal preferences.

The adjustable screws offer more than the usual retention and the customized design to particularly support Glock 19, makes this an easy choice.

Source of Image: Amazon

The Defender Leather IWB Holster by Relentless Tactical

This leather holster by Relentless Tactical, promises durability like no other holster in the market. It is perfectly designed to provide concealment, quick access and comfort. The Defender Leather Inside the Waistband holster comes with a lifetime warranty and has great reviews from buyers.

Source of Image: Amazon

Gould and Goodrich Concealed Carry Holster

Gould and Goodrich offer a complete package with this holster. Not only is the leather highly comfy, but it is also cheaper than you would expect it to be. It is perfectly manufactured to provide complete retention to your Glock 19 as you do your usual chores. However, it isn’t completely durable, so you would require to get a new one in some years.

Source of Image: Amazon

Alien Gear ShapeShift Ankle Holster

This ankle holster stands out among millions of low-quality nylon holsters for its quality neoprene material. The speciality of Alien Gear ShapeShift Ankle Holster is that it can be adjusted as per the need and stays put without sliding down. Also, it has a trigger guard which is rare for ankle holsters.

Source of Image: Amazon

Skydas Gear JEDBURGH Kydex TLR-1 Holster

If you need a comfortable, concealable and “flashlight” holster, this can be the right pick for you. Apart from these features, it is extra lightweight and is reliable as it comes with a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, it is available in both IWB as well as OWB types.

Source of Image: Amazon

OutBags Leather IWB Holster

Cheap leather products often strike an alarm on their authenticity. The OutBags Leather IWB Holster is not just affordable but also offers trusted quality leather. It is an excellent option when it comes to conceal-carry, but can be heavier than most of the holsters.

Source of Image: Amazon

Blackhawk Serpa Concealment Holster

Blackhawk Serpa Holster is the best holster-choice for Glock 19 with a 2.0 retention feature. It generates a “click” sound as the gun is locked inside and also has a finger release button. On the contrary, unholstering might get slower because of the same finger release feature.

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Safariland 6360, ALS/SLS – Level 3 Retention Duty Holster

Safariland provides top-notch duty holsters and Safariland 6360 is specifically designed to provide Level 3 retention. A security hood that only you would be able to pull from your forearm, making it impossible for anyone but you to unholster it. It would require you to have some training to properly acclimatize with this holster if you’re not a professional.

Source of Image: Amazon

Tulster IWB Profile Holster

Offers both hands orientation, with an adjustable screw for better retention and can be worn in many ways. The best feature of Tulster’s IWB Holster is that it is free of any sharp edges. Given all its customer-satisfying features, the high price is often considered as a big turn down.

Source of Image: Amazon

Concealment Express IWB

Saving the very best for the last, Concealment Express IWB has it all! It is lightweight, has a minimalistic design, is comfortable and above all is reliable. This holster is certainly made to last and is the epitome of perfection for your Glock 19.

Source of Image: Amazon

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above-mentioned holsters’ list has been helpful in choosing the most suitable holster for your Glock 19. You might not always make the right choice in your first attempt with purchasing holsters, these things take their due time.


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