Different Types of Weapons You Can Hunt With

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Hunting has come a long way throughout the advancement of humanity. While many older techniques have fallen out of favor, some of them have stuck around despite modern tech that’s made hunting way more accessible to newcomers. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned hunter, you can use any number of weapons to stalk your prey. Use our guide to the different types of weapons you can hunt with to find your new favorite.


We’ll start with a classic. Bow and arrows have been around for centuries. They were once the only form of long-range combat. But even though they are quite outdated, they are still popular with hunters today. The main types are compound, recurve, and longbows. Each one has a feature or two that make it stand out from the others, but they all work in pretty much the same way.

The other weapon that falls into this category is the crossbow. While it’s more modern than its ancient counterpart, it still accomplishes the same task, just in a slightly more accessible format. Regardless of the type of bow you go with, it’s important to note that most archery-based hunting seasons last longer than the ones for guns.


Regular hunting with spears is extremely rare these days. It’s largely impractical, and it’s only legal in a handful of states. If it’s something you want to try out, you’ll need to seek a license in one of those states to do so.

Spearfishing, on the other hand, is perfectly legal in the United States. Most people do this activity from the comfort of their boat, but you can also put on scuba gear and go hunting underwater with a spear. Obviously, you have to be careful what you kill down there, but it’s quite a unique way to hunt.


For experienced trackers, using a knife is an interesting way to hunt if you want to play on hard mode. Most animals are hyper-alert to faint noises and rustling leaves, so actually getting a kill this way is nearly impossible. Plus, if the animal decides to fight you instead of running away, it can quickly become dangerous. In reality, people rarely try to hunt this way anymore. Typically, they’ll only use a knife as a last line of defense.


You didn’t think we’d forget about guns in our guide of different types of weapons you can hunt with, did you? Using firearms is understandably the most common way to hunt. They require little training and are some of the most fun to use. They are quick and efficient, even though they are, by far, the loudest.

The biggest downside of guns is how dangerous they can be. It’s much harder to shoot yourself or someone else with a bow than with a gun. That’s why owners need to know how to use and store their firearms safely. Failing to do so can lead to some catastrophic accidents.

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