5 Ways To Improve Your Longboarding Experience

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Improving at longboarding requires practice and skill, and that growth will allow you to enjoy this activity more. Mastering more skills will help you improve in different areas, like physical development, endurance, and strength.

Improving at a sport takes time, dedication, and practice. There is no other recipe for success, but implementing some techniques correctly will help you grow. These five ways to improve your longboarding experience will guide you to a better ride.

Work on Your Balance

Balance is one of the main skills you need to improve for longboarding. Once you perfect your balance, you can obtain new skills and combine balance with other exercises. Working on your static balance is the best first step to transitioning into moving balance. Balance will help you better manipulate your longboard by allowing you to stop, turn, and slow down correctly and stay safe.

Find Your Stance

How you stand on your board will determine how well you can manipulate it because you need to feel comfortable when riding. You can choose from two stance styles: regular and goofy. Your dominant leg typically goes in the back, and that will determine your direction and movements. Balance and strength are necessary because they will help you manage stability and shift your weight to slow down or come to a complete stop.

Carry Essential Tools

No matter how experienced or new you are to longboarding, you should use essential longboarding tools that will help you fix some problems on the road. Longboards have plenty of moving parts like wheels, trucks, and bearings that could loosen, which could cause problems. To ensure you get the best experience, you must learn how to use those tools and get familiar with every part of your board.

Use the Right Board

Longboards come in different sizes and styles depending on the main activities you want them for. You can practice downhill longboarding, freestyling, and dancing, which all have their own specifications. You must consider your weight, height, and skill level to choose the right board. These factors will determine how well you can manage and direct your board and achieve new skills.

Learn To Fall

One of the most important aspects of improving your longboarding experience is learning to fall without injury and preventing accidents. As with many other high-speed activities, longboarding involves falling, but there is also a right way to do it. You should always tuck and roll, wrapping your arms around your body and protecting your head. This will minimize impact and prevent broken arms or wrists.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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