Why You Need to Work Out Your Legs

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As you navigate your fitness journey, it is important to know which workouts target specific muscles. This is beneficial so you can build yourself a well-rounded fitness routine in addition to not missing something as important as your legs. Leg workouts are an easy thing to skip, but neglecting them can damage your fitness goals. Understand why you need to work out your legs, so you can make it a priority.

Build A Strong Base

If you want to build muscle, then your legs must become an important part of your workout routine. Performing leg exercises will help you build more muscle by increasing your testosterone and hormone levels. Because of this, your leg workout creates a strong base for your body and boosts your other muscles’ growth.

Burn More Calories

Leg workouts like squats and deadlifts are notably difficult, which is why a lot of people tend to skip out on them. However, you are missing out on burning calories if you don’t do these. Leg exercises require more energy from you, which leads to more calories burned.

Improve Your Speed

Another reason why you need to work out your legs is so you can improve your speed. This is a huge concern for athletes who are trying to have more explosive movements and perform better all around. Leg workouts like power cleans will accomplish this, along with squats and deadlifts. Stronger legs will help your endurance in the process.

Avoid More Injuries

Not only will leg training make you faster, but it can also help prevent injuries. While leg workouts can be difficult and hurt in the process, the strength you build makes you less prone to injury. You can avoid common injuries such as muscle pulls, back pain, and a torn ACL.

Achieve a Balanced Look

It is common to see people in the gym who put all their effort into their upper body, but this gives their body an unbalanced look. People are often referred to as having “chicken legs” if it’s obvious that they don’t work out their lower body. Training your legs makes you stronger overall, and your body will eventually benefit from a more uniformed look.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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