What You Need to Do Before Every Workout

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Being active is vital to your health, but there’s always the chance that you’ll get injured. A common mistake many people make in the gym is not doing anything prior to their workout, which can easily backfire. Find you what you need to do before every workout to reduce the risk of injury and improve your performance for better results.  

Eat Something 

Going into a cardio session on an empty stomach has its benefits, but you’ll want to eat something before a workout if you’re lifting weights. Regardless of what time you work out, you should have some fruit or consume a protein bar. By eating before a workout, you’ll have a bit more energy to perform your best.  

Use a Foam Roller 

A major part of a pre-workout routine is taking steps to prevent potential injuries. Various at-home workout accessories, such as a foam roller, can help you loosen up your muscles. A foam roller can relieve any muscle pain you may be experiencing from the day before, break down any knots in your muscles, and improve your blood circulation before a workout.  

Warm Up 

Another way to improve your circulation and get your heart rate up before lifting is to do some form of a warmup. Going on a light run before a workout is one of the best ways to warm up, especially if you’ve been sitting down all day. A warmup run doesn’t have to be anything major, but jogging at a light pace for five minutes or so can greatly reduce the risk of injury.  


A pre-workout routine also needs to include some form of stretching. You might have skipped out on stretching in the past, but it’s essential to your workout because it allows you to be more limber by making your muscles more flexible. Therefore, it’s another method to prevent any injuries that may come your way.  

Knowing what you need to do before every workout can put your body in a much better position long-term so that you can remain active and heathy in the future.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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