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CUSTOM BIKE LOVE. In the poor over coffee, craft beer, really small beanie capital of the world, also known as Portland, Oregon is where you will find a shop just as unique as the city in which it is located – Cyclepath PDX. Owner & founder Bill Larson opened Cyclepath in 1997 with the goal of creating a shop focused on quality and expertise for his customers and providing a living wage for to his employees. Going on 22-years, Cyclepath has established itself as a passionate supporter of the local Portland cycling scene. A Pivot retailer and supporter since our founding, they have been a highly-valued partner over the years. If you are ever in the area, check them out! They’ve got beer on a Pivot tap!

Now for the trails… We’ll let the video do the talking. But needless to say, PDX trails are fast, fun, loamy, and worth putting on your mtb destination bucket list.

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Brice was riding a Switchblade Carbon and Bill was riding a Firebird 29. Learn more about those bikes below:

Switchblade: https://www.pivotcycles.com/en/bike-switchblade-carbon-1

Firebird 29: https://www.pivotcycles.com/en/bike-firebird-29-1

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