Upgrades You Need To Improve the Speed of a Harley

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A good Harley is worth its weight in gold, as this classic brand produces some of the best motorcycles out there. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve on the factory model once you get one off the lot. A lot of people like to get more speed out of their bikes. Here’s how you can improve your Harley’s speed with some aftermarket modifications.

Better Exhaust System

Your bike’s exhaust system is effectively a throttle on the horsepower it can output at any time. You can get a big speed boost by changing out your system for something with better airflow so your pipes can handle more at one time.

Improved Air Filter

While it may sound weird to consider an air filter as a speed modification, it’s vital for your bike. The faster you go, the more debris you’ll encounter and the more your filter will have to clean. A good air filter will prevent buildup and keep your engine clean so it can perform at its best.

Harley Davidson Starter

Enhancing your bike’s starting mechanism can also contribute to improved speed. A high-quality harley davidson starter equipped with efficient components can lead to faster and more responsive starts, directly impacting your riding experience.

Better Suspension

Control and grip on the road are vital when you drive at higher speeds, which is why suspension is important. A good system will keep your wheels on the ground for longer, giving you more control. Additionally, the suspension helps with grip, which converts the energy in your engine into forward movement, possibly increasing your speed.

Brighter Lights

Lighting is one of the most important parts of a bike, and faster speeds require better lighting. Your bike’s lights help you see the road, but they also help others see you when you’re riding. Faster speeds make the extra visual cue of lights more important for your safety and the safety of others. But you may want to leave this modification to professionals if you don’t know how to aim and mount your headlights.

These are only a few of the upgrades available to help you improve the speed of your Harley. Even if these mods don’t directly impact your driving speed, they make it easier and safer to drive fast. That’s why these mods are some of the most important ones you can get for a bike. Speed without safety can lead to all sorts of dangers.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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