Top 3 Essential Summer Hiking Safety Tips

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Hiking is the perfect outdoor activity to enjoy in the summertime. However, there are some necessary safety measures to take due to the summer heat. Here are the top three essential summer hiking safety tips.

Protect Yourself From the Sun

The first essential summer hiking safety tip is to protect yourself from the sun. Sunshine, while beautiful, can be ruthless. It doesn’t take long to develop a gnarly sunburn, especially while hiking. Therefore, you should always remember to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays. Make sure to apply a layer of sunscreen before leaving the house, and bring some along on your hike so you can reapply as needed. There are all kinds of survival tips every hiker should know, and protecting yourself from the summer sun is undoubtedly important.

Avoid the Hottest Times of the Day

Avoiding the hottest times of the day is the second tip for summer hiking safety. Depending on the location of your hike, the summer heat can get dangerous, with temperatures reaching three-digits. The hottest part of the day is typically mid-afternoon, between one and three o’clock. Therefore, it’s safest to go for an early morning hike or an evening hike when the temperature has dropped. Dress appropriately for the weather to ensure you don’t overheat on your hike.

If you’re planning to camp after a long hike, don’t forget to bring your own sleeping bag or tent, and even though it could be extremely hot during the daytime, it could also be cold at night or midnight. So don’t forget to bring your blanket. If you don’t want it to get mixed up with your buddy’s blanket, you can get a personalized photo blanket.

Drink Plenty of Water To Hydrate

The third essential tip for hiking safely in the summer is to drink plenty of water. As previously mentioned, summer temperatures can get high, putting you at a greater risk of dehydration. Not only is the weather hot, but you’re also exerting a lot of energy while hiking, which encourages sweating. If your body is putting out too much sweat without intaking enough water, you can get dehydrated and potentially suffer from heat stroke. Hydration is crucial during summertime activities. Drink water before your hike, and pack some water bottles to take with you.

Now that you know three essential summer safety hiking tips, you can feel safe and prepared for your next hike. Make sure to have fun on your hikes, but safety always comes first.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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