Top Destinations for Deep Sea Fishing

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Book a charter and head out to one of the top destinations for deep sea fishing. Battle a blue marlin in a fighting chair on the Pacific Ocean.

When you get tired of watching a bobber float on the surface of a calm lake, book a charter at one of the top destinations for deep sea fishing. Strapping into a fighting chair and reeling in a 1,500 lb. blue marlin over the course of three hours is the ultimate challenge for sportsmen. There really is nothing else like it in the world. Check out the best spots below.

Chiriquí, Panama

Isla Boca Brava, in Chiriquí, Panama is mecca for sport fishing. The warm waters of the Pacific Ocean near Panama are preferred by many fish species, which includes many bill fish such as black marlin, sail fish, and blue marlin. An abundance of feeder fish in this area attract the game fish all year long. Several world records have been caught off the coast of Panama over the years.

Madeira, Portugal

With shores in the north Atlantic Ocean, Madeira, Portugal has an abundant fishing ground full of fighting fish. With a wide variety of game fish for you catch, you’ll always hook something on the line. Species include blue and white marlin, mackerel, tuna, and sharks. Madeira has earned a reputation as one of the premier fishing spots in the world.

Florida Keys, USA

The Florida Keys, the chain of islands on the southernmost tip of Florida, is a fisherman’s paradise. On the west side of the keys, you’ll find prime fishing for sharks and barracuda. The waters are a designated marine sanctuary, so an abundant marine life thrives there. You’ll find kingfish, wahoo, tuna, cobia, marlins, and jacks.

Maxixe, Mozambique

With a name like Mozambique, how could there not be exotic fish there? The Indian Ocean is a favorite hangout for blue marlin. They’re not alone though, queenfish, kingfish, and sailfish also patrol the warm waters. Fishing is good all year long, but the best time is between July and December.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is still a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. Renowned for its large tuna population and other fighting fish, the waters off the coast always have anglers trying to pull in a trophy fish. A vibrant underwater ecosystem lets fishermen try their hand all year, but the best time is from September to June.

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