Tips For Finding a Good Flight Instructor

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Whether you have the drive to learn how to fly a helicopter or a plane, you’re going to need a teacher before you start shooting around the sky. Knowing a few tips for finding a good flight instructor can narrow down your list to give you the best possible chance to find the right teacher for you.

Don’t feel as though you need to stick with the first instructor you find; shop around a little until you find someone who is a match for you.

Can They Make Availability For You?

Life can be hectic, and your schedule may not line up with that of a flight school. Whether you are juggling a full-time job or school, you need to find a place that can offer times and slots tailored to your schedule. Ask flight schools which of their available pilots are free at the same times as you; some of the pilots you want to work with may not be accessible during your free hours.

Go on a Discovery Flight

Once you learn which pilots have a schedule that coincides with yours, you can request to go on an initial flight with them to experience what it’s like. These are called discovery flights, and they can give you an insight into each pilot’s style of teaching and flying.

Do You Feel Safe With Your Instructor?

Make notes of how they begin every flight and what their procedures are before they take off. Ask questions during your flight and pick their brain a little when it comes to flying; listening to their responses can give you an idea of their teaching style.

Do they give long and detailed answers? Can they explain technical terms and complex concepts in a way that you understand? Are you satisfied with the answers they provide, or do you find them lacking? This first flight is a critical point when you are trying to find an instructor for you. Take advantage of your initial time together.

Show Up Prepared

Being prepared means knowing how to find a good flight instructor and knowing their teaching style as well as having some knowledge of flight school and what to expect. Do the work beforehand to make sure you have the best experience possible. An environment that makes you comfortable can positively impact your success and help you excel in your training.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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