The Ultimate List of Mountain Biking Movies

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These action packed movies are the best out there featuring mountain biking, so find your next favorite film by checking out the list below!


This product was recommended by Noah James from NativeCompass

The movie showed the craze of mountain bike riders who moved to every continent to present their new look of mountain biking. It’s one of the blockbusters of its times and includes big names from the movie industry as well as sports. The movie cast has set the mountain biking to a new level. This movie is guaranteed to pull out your mountain biking spirit no matter what the weather will be like by the time you are watching this masterpiece.


This product was recommended by Noah James from NativeCompass

The reason for suggesting this movie is that it’s fascinating to watch as it includes some of the marvelous riders who went to beautiful places. Every scene in the film is worth watching, and the soundtrack will leave you mesmerized. The best thing about this movie is that it’s not only for the mountain biking lover but also for the non-mountain bikers. So it’s a good pick if you are looking for a mountain biking movie to watch with your family.

Chainspotting: A Mountaing Bike Video

This product was recommended by Sergio Arboledas from Strider

This UK biking adventure transports you to a parallel universe where the addiction for this sport in the main ingredient. It tells the story of five riders that travel from Britain to California chasing their dreams.

Blood Road

This product was recommended by Mathew Peter from Ownage Fashion

The movie teaches you a lot about how strong of a bond Rebecca had and her determination to see where her father had died. The movie is eye opening.

The Moment

This product was recommended by Patricia J. from Pedal Lovers

I prefer it over some of the others because it’s a documentary, set in the beautiful wilderness of Canada. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you do, too.


This product was recommended by Anzhela Vonarkh from TheWordPoint

I suggest this mountain bike movie for the article as I find it very inspiring as a woman. The movie features a female character – Veronique Sandler, a former World Cup racer. Being an example she shows how tough, fearless, and strong women can be. That they can reach any goal they set for themselves.

The Climb

This product was recommended by Rachel Kylian from RachelKylian

I worked on this movie, the two lead actors do mountain biking in my home country France.The movie will be released in theaters later this year.

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