The Time of Your Life: Why You Should Try Off-Roading

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You must know why you should try off-roading. The thrill of driving a truck along uneven, rough terrain is so amazing that it deserves everyone’s consideration. Read on to see if these reasons make sense with your temperament.

Experience Driving for the First Time Again

Early memories of driving always have a special place in people’s hearts. Who does not remember the excitement of getting their learner’s permit? How can one forget the nervous energy of accelerating and decelerating a vehicle for the first time?

Off-roading offers drivers the opportunity to discover driving again. The motion of the pickup bouncing on rock and gravel makes you totally aware of how the vehicle connects to the earth and how you are connected to the vehicle. With that self-awareness comes an appreciation and joy for driving that most have not experienced since they first learned.


An extremely important reason why you should try off-roading is that the hobby is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the many distractions that stop people from leading fully present lives. Off-roading usually takes you to remote places—locations where you will not find cell phone service. Away from your phone, you can exist in the here and now.

Also, when you are driving against a rocky surface, 100 percent of your attention must focus on the rocks and other obstacles in your way. Despite it being loud and rough, off-roading can help clear your mind of clutter and noise.

Improve Your Car-Care Skills

When you are way out in the wilderness, you do not have the benefit of roadside assistance to help you in case of a jam. If something goes wrong with the truck’s engine or tires, it is up to you to fix the problem. In that regard, off-roading will teach you excellent preparation skills as well as a crash course in mechanics. Because of all the problem-solving involved in the hobby, off-roaders learn all manner of abilities from their time on the rocks.

Get Closer to Friends and Family

Of course, it is always more fun to go off-roading with people than to go alone. Whipping and whirling around on a pickup is a good time for the whole family. You may find that these shared, exciting experiences will bring you closer to your loved ones. Alternatively, off-roading can elicit great bonding moments with your buds or girlfriends.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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