The Best Cheap Mountain Bikes

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The Best Cheap Mountain Bikes You Can Buy

There is no denying that mountain biking is an expensive hobby. In fact, it’s the most expensive form of cycling period, with the cost split between suspension, chunky tires, and super-durable frames. It’s also the most popular form of cycling, meaning that most riders would prefer to enjoy the thrills of it without breaking the bank. Luckily the bike industry has picked up on that and now offers a range of affordable complete bikes like the Diamondback Overdrive, Diamondback Heist, and Cube Analog.

If you’re looking for something to suit a smaller person or child we’ve put together a list specifically for this here. Lighter kids need softer springs and geometry specifically for them because there’s no such thing as buying a kid a bike that they’ll grow into.


The Best Cheap Mountain Bikes | Our List

If your budget doesn’t allow for expensive mountain bikes these options are your best bet. Here are some of the best cheap mountain bikes that you buy that combine quality and affordability for a cheap thrill.

Diamondback 2019 Overdrive 29″

The best cheap mountain bikes – Amazon’s Choice

The Overdrive series is the Diamondback Heist’s more popular twin. It’s a fair bit less expensive and has 20mm less travel but makes up for it with bigger, faster-rolling 29″ wheels. Its Shimano 24-speed drivetrain offers quality shifting in the roughest of conditions and plenty of range to spin up the toughest climbs, and when you turn around to burn back down the Tektro mechanical disc brakes ensure a clean, safe stop. We’d suggest taking one of these and upgrading whichever parts you need over time as a more cost-effective alternative to the expensive Diamondback Heist.

Cube Analog 29″ Hardtail

Cube Analog 29 Hardtail Bike

The Cube Analog 29 boasts an impressively strong aluminium frame and slick design. The cables are internally routed for a far cleaner look and for more durability. The hydraulic disk brakes provide all the stopping power that could be asked for in a bike of this price, more than enough to handle any trail you’re willing to tackle. The 100mm RockShox XC30 fork up front reliably soaks up bumps and improves both traction and handling. And, best of all, it’s easy to assemble if you get it delivered right to your door!

There are three different frame sizes to choose from to suit all but the very tallest and shortest of riders. The Shimano Deore rear derailleur makes for reliable shifting even when you’ve. The pedals that come with this bike aren’t especially well reviewed, but pedals are cheap. A new set of pedals won’t cost you very much, especially if you get them on Amazon. We like the RaceFace Chester for their grippy traction pins and simple, durable design.


Diamondback Heist 0.0

Diamondback Heist 0.0

The Heist’s frame built with lightweight hydroformed butted aluminum, making it durable for tackling rougher singletrack. That doesn’t come at the expense of comfort, though, as the relaxed geometry makes it suitable for longer endurance trails. The Suntour XCM suspension fork is powerful and impressive as it features 120mm of travel and a hydraulic lockout as well.


Secondhand Mountain Bikes | Our Take

Buying bikes secondhand can sometimes be a dangerous prospect, especially for mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are ridden a lot harder than road bikes and failures are way more dangerous. They’re generally sold by people who are upgrading to a more extreme ride, meaning they’ve likely been ridden right to their limit. There are also simply more parts to examine on mountain bikes – shocks must be in good condition, tires need to be in good keep, and the wheels should be true and unabused. It’s usually a lot safer and cheaper in the long run to buy new, if not in maintenance then certainly in medical bills should the frame fail.

If you simply must buy used you’ll probably need to replace most of the rubber parts on the bike. Luckily, many of those can be easily and cheaply replaced with Amazon and just a little help from youtube tutorials Take a look at some pedals, tyres and grips for a quick upgrade that adds flair and performance to an older bike.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links from which Radnut may collect a share of sales revenue.

Written by Johnathan Hanson

Enduro and DH Mountain bike enthusiast.

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