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The 8 Greatest Extreme Sport Documentaries On Youtube

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This is why we love Youtube. The site empowers independent creators to produce fascinating content that’s free to watch. But with hundreds of hours of video being uploaded every hour, it can be hard to find the well produced documentaries that we all love.

That’s why we’ve made this archive of the best extreme sport documentaries currently on Youtube. Not only do they showcase the best talent from around the world, they tell a story. The path from nothing to everything; from practice to perfect execution.

So, get ready to be inspired while you take in the most beautiful cinematography there is.

The Brotherhood Escort

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The Brotherhood Escort follows splitboarder and Navy SEAL Josh Jespersen and fellow SEAL Rick Schuler as they traverse the Sangre de Cristo range over 13 days, covering 106 miles and enduring 43,000 feet of elevation change in memory of fallen comrades.

Death is a major lesson in life. For comrades who have experienced unforgettable times together in the army, commemorating the fallen comrades is also one of the important ways to heal their own wounds.
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Here, There & Everywhere

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Miller’s ski documentaries were introduced to me when I was still in middle school and I was instantly hooked! As someone who loves being out in the mountains, how could I not feel totally inspired? This documentary follows skiers through Greenland and Switzerland and is a special one for fans of Miller’s work, since this was the first piece that Warren included himself in since 2004.

If there’s someone out there that loves the outdoors and extreme sports, specifically skiing, that hasn’t seen any of his work, I recommend them starting here!

Free Solo

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“Free Solo” documents Alex Honnold’s preparation and climb of the 3,200-foot El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without a rope. The scenery is incredible, and the action is breathtaking. There are many ways to view the 2018 National Geographic documentary.

Chapter One

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Chapter One Regarded as the best kiteboarding documentary made so far, Chapter One, the 1st theatrical kiteboarding movie shot in 4k, shows both the thrill of the sport and the personal side of the athletes leading the sport. If you haven’t booked a trip to Cape Town, Maui, or another premier kite destination by the end of the documentary you might need to watch it again.

The Art of Flight

This product was recommended by Scott Hartman from GURU Adventure Travel

The Art of Flight Breakout Snowboard documentary shot & produced theatrical style has left the previous snowboarding film style of combined parts in the past and forever changed how top-tier snow movies are made. This movie will inspire snowboarders to explore and push their personal limits, and is a must-watch for any snow-sport enthusiast.

The Fourth Phase

This product was recommended by Scott Hartman from GURU Adventure Travel

A follow-up to The Art of Flight and 3 years in the making, The Fourth Phase is a documentary about now iconic snowboarder Travis Rice as he embarks on a 16,000 mile journey inspired by the hydrological cycle and how it shapes his passion for snowboarding and ultimately his major life choices. This film will educate you on weather and travel, and wow you with spectacular footage of the best snowboarding in the most amazing locations possible.

Andy Irons, Kissed by God

This product was recommended by Scott Hartman from GURU Adventure Travel

Kissed by God tells the full story of the life and death of one of the greatest surfers of all time. Andy was the People’s Champion and Pride of Hawaii because of his blue collar rise to fame and success. The film documents Andy’s struggle with bipolar disorder and opioid addiction in a heavy fashion that doesn’t leave a dry eye in the theater. A truly moving must-watch for surfing enthusiasts and non-surfers alike.

Deeper, Further, Higher Trilogy

This product was recommended by Scott Hartman from GURU Adventure Travel

The trilogy from TGR and Jeremy Jones explore what’s available and possible fo big mountain snowboarding and the beauty and sense of accomplishment to be had from technical self-powered excursions. These films do a tremendous job documenting the freedom and creativity Jeremy Jones get from the mountains, and will inspire others to dig deeper to reach new heights in life.

Written by Johnathan Hanson

Enduro and DH Mountain bike enthusiast.

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