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Product Review: Selle SMP Hell Saddle

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Selle SMP’s Hell Saddle is designed to limit the amount of pressure on the pelvic floor for a more comfortable ride and increased rider stability. The extra wide central cut-out ensures blood flow is unrestricted around sensitive areas. Its extra wide rear provides a supportive flat base for long climbs and offers relief and increased control during descents.


  • Cover: Lorica microfibre
  • Padding: Elastomer
  • Shell: Nylon reinforced with Carbon Fibre
  • Rail: AISI 304 tubular Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 147x277mm
  • Use: MTB, Road
  • Weight: 280g

Selle Smp Hell Saddle Review:

When I first unpacked the Selle SMP Hell Saddle I was initially sceptical about the design. I was used to the very bulky and chunky saddle, which is common on the majority of bikes, especially those aimed at the serious MTB rider. The SMP Hell Saddle is compact, lightweight, and definitely classed as an aero-shaped saddle. I must admit that I was a little unsure about the lack of padding for the initial test rides but that feeling soon went away and I soon appreciated the lower profile feel of this saddle.

For the first three rides I stayed true to my usual mountain bike and road bike saddles and was initially very uncomfortable over a 90 minute to 3 hour session. I was pleased to see that when I got home my seat wasn’t sore and bruised (I don’t know if this was because I have thicker skin than most and don’t bruise very easily or if the new saddle was designed this way). I then duly swapped my saddle over to the Selle SMP Hell Saddle and took to the roads for a 75km ride. I put the seat through its paces and on receiving my first look from the outside world as I entered my home I had to stare at my butt for a few moments to see if I had damaged my rear. The verdict? My nether regions did not bruise and felt fine. I have realised that when I first went out for a ride in the morning I was not riding as efficiently as I could be because of discomfort, as was the case when I was using my other saddle.

Now when I have been out for a ride and I get home I sit down at my PC and I am able to comfortably type this. I have also now put in some good time on my mountain bike and road bike with no obvious signs of damage to my hind parts. I find that the Selle SMP saddle is easy to adapt to; the lower profile doesn’t get in the way when leaning forward to put power down. The central cut-out is a clever design feature and having used the saddle now extensively I would recommend this seat to anyone who is interested in it.

The graphics are pretty cool. Depending upon your preference you can buy the dye sublimated graphics which are very subtle or the stand out variety which is sure to turn some heads. Every woman I have had sit on this saddle goes on about how comfortable it feels. I find it helps out if you have a wider pelvis as well as, according to one of my riding mates, the wider central section helps locate your sit bone and the padding sits comfortably against the rear wall of the pelvis. It also helps if you sit in a more upright position which is useful for female riders of varying shapes and sizes.

The Selle SMP Hell Saddle is available in three coloured varieties: Black, Carbon and White. The Selle SMP saddle is made by Selle SMP a saddle manufacturer based in Torino, Italy who specialise in the design and manufacture of saddles for competitive cyclists.

The Good:

  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable for longer rides
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy build
  • Adjustable
  • Arch support

The Bad:

  • Not as comfortable for shorter rides (under an hour)
  • Not a combination of both, hence why I use this for longer rides and mountain biking and my other bulkier chunky saddle for short training sessions
  • As with all seats, there is a chance that you may not find this as comfortable as I have, but in saying that, I haven’t had a sore butt since using the Selle SMP Hell Saddle.

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Selle Smp Hell Saddle Review:

Having the central cut-out helps reduce pressure points

Sensitive in the beginning but gets better

Comfortable on long rides

Keeps you focused on riding; you’re not thinking about being uncomfortable

Can be adjusted to fit your body; change the tilt using the central screw and the curvature of the edges to fine tune the fit to your unique rear

Available from Trotters, Black Mountain Cycles, eBay, Velochic and BikeRadar

If you go to Trotters they will customise your saddle in-store

Selle SMP Hell Saddle :

5. Just Go for It!!

Buy The Selle SMP Hell Saddle

. Trotters is located in the Sydney suburb of Penrith and the in central coast suburb of Gosford. If you have any questions, just ask below in the comments.


  • Cover: Microfibre
  • Padding: Elastomer
  • Shell: Nylon reinforced with carbon fiber
  • Rail: AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 147x277mm
  • Use: MTB, Road
  • Weight: 280g

Selle SMP Hell Saddle – Female MTB Bloggers Review


Numerous inquiries we receive, are for bike seats.

As a result, we did a head to head comparison, between the Selle SMP Hell Saddle, the new Specialized Ariel S Saddle and the cut away version of the Van Nicholas Diva Saddle.

All three seats are very comfortable for longer rides and are worth considering for purchase.

Van Nicholas Diva Saddle – One of the most comfortable road seats we have ridden. The Van Nicholas Diva saddle featured a cut-out in the middle, intended to reduce pressure and provide a more comfortable ride. The body is padded and follows the contours of the rider. We highly recommend this saddle, but keep in mind that it is a more bulky seat. For serious riders this would be a great saddle for a longer ride. For shorter rides, there were more comfort options that are offered.

Selle SMP Hell Saddle – A great saddle for riders with wider pelvises that promote more blood to flow to the genital area. The extra wide central cut-out ensures blood flow is unrestricted around sensitive areas. Its extra wide rear provides a supportive flat base for long climbs and offers relief and increased control during descents, with an almost non-existent profile. The Hell is a perch designed for longer rides. Definitely something to consider if you ride for extended periods of time.

Specialized Ariel S Saddle – Comparing the Ariel with the Hell, the Ariel was more narrow, used foam padding and a more pronounced nose, that helps put pressure on the sit bones. The Ariel is marketed for better performance. Although we felt that this was a comfortable seat, which we would definitely recommend for a longer ride when you are looking for a more specialized and contoured seat, as opposed to the Hell model which is more of a classic shape and gives a wider base for comfort. Keep in mind that riders with wider pelvises will find the Ariel S to be more narrow which will help promote blood flow to exactly where you need it.

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Written by Mark Adams

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