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Product Review: Selle Italia Novus Superflow Endurance Saddle

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The Selle Italia Novus SuperFlow Endurance Saddle is perfect for long-distance fans and combines superior strength with advanced ergonomic technology. The special padded design features an extra neoprene layer to encourage correct posture while the elongated SuperFlow cutout relieves pressure for long-lasting comfort.


  • Material: Carbon-composite (shell), Fibra-Tek (outer cover)
  • Rails: Ti 316 (7mm Ø)
  • Dimensions: 146mm x 282mm
  • Weight: 295g

Selle Italia Novus Superflow Saddle Review:

“The upper of the saddle is cowhide. The surface is not sticky at all. The saddle formed some shiny areas from the first use. It will be easy to see how long you have used the saddle.”

“The saddle doesn’t look bad on my bike, but it’s not too beautiful either. The saddle is quite big with padding on the front. It’s not easy to find a matching saddle cover for it. The comfort of the saddle is quite good. It supports you well. The only problem I have with this saddle is the shiny areas. I am considering whether to buy it or not.”

” The saddle is quite big. At first, I was not very comfortable with the product. I thought it was too big and I would have to replace it with another saddle.

However, when I rode faster, I felt more comfortable. It was not too big then. The support on the seat is quite good. At the beginning, some parts of the saddle might feel uncomfortable. However, eventually it becomes soft and comfortable.”

” This endurance saddle is very suitable for long-distance riding. The design of the saddle is very convenient. The bad quality is the shiny surface. After some use the shiny surface will be seen.”

“The saddle is easy to install. I was able to adjust the saddle to fit my bike. I am happy to have this saddle. The one-way retention feature is convenient for me when I am riding. I went for a long ride today and the saddle was very comfortable. Overall, I can recommend this saddle.”

“The saddle is not uncomfortable after 4 hours of riding. I think Selle Italia did a good job on this saddle design. My experience on long rides is positive. My husband loved it so I bought one for my husband as well. We used to have a Selle Italia saddle.”

“This saddle has the best design. The saddle can fit into my bike properly. I thought it would be hard for me to change to a new saddle. However, it was not difficult at all. The disassembly was simple. The basic functions can be operated without any manuals.

I was going to buy a new bike. However, when I installed this saddle, I decided not to buy a new bike anymore. This saddle is very comfortable for me. Although it is not a personal saddle, it still looks sleek and high tech.”

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Selle Italia Novus Superflow Saddle Review:

“The saddle looks good on my bike. I went for a bike ride with my friends. They asked where I got it. They like the shape and the design. The highlight of this saddle is the saddle shape. The design is very different from other saddles.”

” I have been looking a saddle that is suitable for my bike. I haven’t found one yet. I wanted to buy a saddle on the Internet, but I was afraid of counterfeit products. I was worried I would get a cheap quality product. Fortunately, I was able to find this saddle.

I ordered the saddle. The saddle was shipped very fast. I received the saddle, opened the package and installed the saddle. I started using the saddle on my long-distance ride. This saddle is suitable for me. It can relieve my pressure. I will recommend this saddle to my friends.”

“The saddle is made from leather. The leather is soft and durable. The saddle was very easy to install. I was not able to adjust the saddle myself for the first time. However, I was able to adjust the saddle myself after the second time. The saddle feels great – I can ride longer and faster with this saddle.”

“Selle Italia is a great brand! I have a seat that is made by Selle Italia already. I was looking for a saddle made by the same company. I love the design of this saddle. The heel support is comfortable. The saddle came with a toolkit for the saddle. This is convenient as well.

I use the saddle to ride home from work every day. I can relieve my pressure after I ride my bike for about 15 minutes. I love this saddle! I will definitely recommend customers to buy this saddle. I picked the saddle that was suitable for my bike.”

“I talked to my friends before I decided to buy the saddle. They recommended this product for me. They even installed the saddle for me. Now, I can collect my bike when I am riding my bike. The saddle is big enough to support me well. The saddle is very comfortable. I recommend this saddle to my friends.”

“I was not able to adjust the saddle myself for the first time. However, I was able to adjust the saddle myself for the second time. The saddle feels great – I can ride faster and longer with the saddle. This is a special saddle so it is not easy to find a cover for it. The cover is loose on the saddle. I need to fix it. I am very satisfied with the product. It has been a long time since I bought a high-quality saddle.”

“The color and design of the saddle is unique. I got the saddle and opened the box. I had no trouble adjusting the saddle to my bike. The quality is good. The leather of the saddle is soft and comfortable.

I have recommended this saddle to a few friends already. They like this saddle as well. I will recommend this saddle to my family and friends.”

“The seat was easy to install on my bike. I didn’t need to take out the saddle from my bike even though I moved the saddle. This product has a unique design. I chose the design of the saddle based on my mood at the time. I will recommend this saddle to my family and friends.”

“The price tag of this saddle tells me this product is special. When I used the saddle, I felt comfortable. The leather of the saddle makes the saddle waterproof. I use the saddle to carry some loads when I am riding. I agree with my friends that this saddle is a great product. I love this saddle.”

“This saddle is suitable for a long ride. It provides good support. I don’t feel tired after long rides anymore. If I need to replace my saddle in the future, I will choose this saddle again.”

“I recommend this saddle to anyone. It can relieve your pressure after a long ride. I didn’t know there was such a saddle before I bought this one. The saddle was easy to install. After I used the saddle, I found out that the saddle was too big for my bike. I think it is suitable only for large bike riders. I had to take it off.”

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