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Product Review: Schwalbe Kojak Slick Road Tyre – RaceGuard

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The Schwalbe Kojak Slick Road Tyre – RaceGuard is a light and fast city bike tyre. Perfectly at home on the road should you wish to commute on your 26″ wheeled mountain bike, the Schwalbe’s Kojak tyre has a slick, smooth tread, with a low rolling resistance and a weight starting from only 295g. It comes with Schwalbe’s RaceGuard protection belt to provide puncture protection from nasty road debris.


  • Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Bead Tyre: Folding or wire bead options
  • Recommended Pressure: 55-95/30-70psi
  • Compound: Speedgrip
  • Casing: Raceguard
  • EPI: 67
  • Tubeless Compatible: No
  • Load: 90kg/130kg
  • Size: 26 x 1.35 (35-559)/26 x 2.00 (50-559)
  • Weight: 295g to 570g

Schwalbe Kojak Slick Road Tyre Review:


  • Great grip, no matter what you are riding on, though best suited to smooth concrete and gravely trails
  • Perfect weight to go fast on just about any road
  • Excellent puncture protection from the RaceGuard protection belt
  • As light as a racing tyre, but can be used in all weather conditions


I have to admit I can’t think of any, except maybe that I wish there were a Marathon GreenGuard, too

The tyre will go fantastic in the tight tight twisty trails. The 3.0in tyre still have plenty of cornering authority, but faster riders may prefer the 2.25in version. The wide tyre also gives you better roll over on the inside edge of turns, both on the trails and when at high speed. With roomy sidewalls, you can trust these tyres to take a beating and not be deflated when smashed against rocks or hit with sticks and branches on the trail. The Schwalbe Marathon Green Guard (GS) has great tread, and the ‘shoulder’ of the centre ridge gives great feedback when cornering to keep your trusty bike hugging the trail. The tread pattern is symmetrical, making it a good choice for front and rear tyres. The Marathon Green Guard is unfaultable when it comes to handling, even with low pressures. The round tyre bead is less prone to rolling damage, so can sustain higher pressures. However, you can still roll this tyre at extremely low pressures, though you will suffer a slight loss of grip.

Performance: (out of 5)

If you are in need of a long lasting, all-condition tyre, then the Marathon Green Guard has you covered. It is an extremely tough tyre that can survive anything from rough terrain to potholed roads and rainy weather. They are capable of handling speeds even under 100km/h.


The Marathon Green Guard is a superb urban, sporty tyre that can handle rough terrain and do it well. One of the best all-round tyres on the market.

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  • Puncture-resistant
  • Fast and durable tyre
  • Great quality for the price
  • Tyre anytime of the year and in any weather condition. The tyre can handle a tough ride on multi-terrain as it can handle 80km/h and can handle jumps and drops easily. The tyre is light and performs well on most terrains. The maximum pressure is 100psi.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Great grip whatever you’re riding on
  • Extensive testing and quality control – not one complaint (yet)
  • Extremely reliable


  • Some people may find them bulky and heavy


A reliable, durable and grippy tyre that performs well in all conditions, the Marathon’s greatest strength is how well it deals with bad roads and how it gives you a more comfortable ride.

The Marathon tyre is a reliable companion on long distance rides. It is a great all-condition tyre that will give you a more comfortable ride. It can be used by the most experienced rider whether it’s commuting to work on bad roads, or tackling the roughest of trails.

Performance: (Out of 5)

The Schwalbe Marathon is a tire that you trust. They are fast on the road, good off-road, and can handle long rides. The Endurance compound makes the tyres lightweight and fast.


The Marathon tyre is a fast, lightweight, reliable and comfortable tyre that will make you want to ride. It will handle everything from commuting to rough off-road trails. Whether you’re a serious hardcore weekend warrior or just a casual weekend rider, this tyre is for you.

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Written by Mark Adams

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