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Product Review: Race Face Atlas Riser Bars

The Race Face Atlas Riser Bar is perfect for intense freeride and downhill riders. Manufactured from a cold drawn, seamless air alloy material, this Atlas Riser Bar has an internal taper to increase strength and durability without adding weight. The ultra-low and ultra-wide riser geometry reduces cockpit height, which lowers the front end for a more aggressive ride.


  • Material: Cold Drawn, Seamless Air Alloy
  • Use: Downhill, freeride
  • Bar Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Dimensions: 785mm width, 8° rearward, 4° upward
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • K: Kevlar reinforcement
  • Weight: 340g
  • K: Kevlar reinforcement
  • Width: 760 – 825
  • Angle: 8°
  • Length: 220mm
  • Bar bore: 32.8
  • S: 720
  • M: 760
  • L: 800
  • XL: 825

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Race Face Atlas Handlebar Review:

Pro’s: The were the perfect drop and decent radius for freeride/DH

Con’s: The only con we had were the bars themselves were wider than the grips we had

Well we just bought this set and all I can say is they are decent. My only real complaint is that they are for small hands. The other problem with them is that the bars are 24mm and the grips we had were 22mm, which makes them bigger than the stock grips. On the plus side, that means that we can make the grips bigger down the road if need be. I have ridden a couple of times with them and so far they seem good.

The Atlas Riser Bars are the perfect choice for all-mountain, hard-core riders. Atlas’ ultra-low and ultra-wide riser geometry reduces cockpit height, which lowers the front end for a more aggressive ride. Hollow bar core creates a responsive feel that complements today’s high-end suspension systems. Kevlar nose and flex zones increases durability.

When I was checking out the pictures of the riser bars I thought they looked kinda big. I ordered them and they are HUGE. They are also a little heavier than I thought they would be. They are the same size as my old Easton 6 series bars but a little heavier. The rise at the grips is higher up and longer than on my Easton’s. I have smaller hands and it is just a little too big for me. The rise is fine but the position of the grips is too high. If you have larger hands and want the drops wider than 26.5 you can try these riser bars. I am going to have to go on an adventure to find a 24mm grip that is 22mm wide to replace the stock ones that came on the bars. I am going to give it a try and see how it goes. The look great, work fine and I really like the material and finish of the bar. There is a lot of flex in them so that might not be such a good thing. We shall see. I like the fact that the rise happened at the right hand side of the grip but the position of the grips are too high.

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Race Face Atlas Handlebar Review:

Pros: Durable and good fit

Cons: Weight hits pretty high and bars are wide

This handlebar is nice and durable. This means it is also heavy! I like this bar and the only reason I plan on trading is because it is too wide… even for me… and I have pretty big hands and arms. This bar is awesome for its weight and durability but if you don’t like heavy bars, small hands, or have small arms… this is not the bar for you. The bar is available in multiple widths ranging from 20 to 31 millimeters so no matter what you like this bar will have it!

I ordered the 8 inch rise bars and they were perfect for me. My handlebars before this were cramping my riding style. I tried a ten-inch rise and they were too low.

The bars come with a 1 year warranty

I have had these for a few weeks now and they are a great set. They were designed by Steve Peat for race face. The rise is perfect for any hill, and rocks. The rise is not to great after a long day of riding, but if your a hardcore racer it’s perfect. Stiff, and great. Only problem i have with them is the width they are too wide. I ride on a 10 inch rise, but the width is too wide and uncustomable. So in a few weeks i will be getting new grips and smaller width.

Super light, nice finish, nice feel. Enough rise, yet really comfortable for a guy that’s almost 6′. Wow. I’m doing more downhilling and DH racing now than ever all because of these bars. Now if I could only get 2 degree less sweep…

Race Face Atlas Handlebar Review:

Pro’s: They make your face really small

Con’s: They make your hands really small

I was amazed how small my face looks. These bars with me and I are going to the park tomorrow.

I have just purchased this handlebar, and was a little concerned about the 22mm grips. I’m aware of the £70 upgrade service offered by Race Face when you’ve bought the wrong size. But there is always the option of Gripperz, which is what I’m going to use on this occasion. Gripperz are “grips inserts” for handlebars, and they are also site specific, for better comfort and control.

They are like a skinnier version of bar tape, and the logo is tactfully themed to match the bar. You still have to put the padding or foam in, but they fit pretty tight already, so it’s not an intrusive operation. The Gripperz inserts come in three widths, 22mm, 26mm and 29mm, which will fit bars of that size. A gripper to go over the top of the tape will give you a nice tidy finish, ready for your gloves. They are hard wearing, palm friendly, and reasonably priced. You can either buy Gripperz to post yourself, or get them from HiFi clothing or retail outlets.

Taking your bars apart to fit the Gripperz is not a massive operation, in fact, it’s a lot easier than changing the grips, so it ends up costing less and looking better. A good wide selection of grips is here.

The rise and drop was perfect for me. The width allows me to put my hand on the hoods. I have really short stubby fingers, so this is usually a problem for me. DH and Freeride. I’ve got larger barrel drivers, which give me alot more control of the bike.

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Written by Mark Adams

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