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Product Review: Maxxis Detonator Road Tyre

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With its dual-compound tread pattern, the Maxxis Detonator provides a durable training tire with a race pedigree.

A add highlight to this tyre is Silkworm, the Silkworm Technology is an exclusive material incorporated into the casing of select models, increasing puncture and tear resistance. Softer silica compound on the outer edges of the tire allows for great traction in a variety of road conditions. The Detonator is durable enough to provide plenty of winter miles, yet supple and grippy enough to race on in the summer.

Maxxis Detonator Wire Tyre Features:

  • “M-shaped” grooved tread pattern
  • Dual compound 57a outer/62a inner
  • 57a outer compound provides cornering grip
  • 62a inner compound provides long wear and low rolling resistance
  • Training tire
  • Silkworm protection

Maxxis Detonator Road Tyre Review:

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“The Maxxis Detonators I’m wearing have roughly 3000Km on them, but I’d have no hesitation in riding them for another 3000Km or more. They just keep going. There’s plenty of tread left and sidewall integrity is perfect. What’s more, they still have decent grip. They’re not as grippy as fresh rubber, but they’re a long way from slippery. It’s clear that even with the relatively high miles I’ve put on these tyres, they’re still a long way from being shot.”

“Despite their weight, the Detonators are fast, even on flat roads. They’ll keep up with medium ring and compact crank set setups.”

“The Maxxis Detonator is not the fastest tyre around, but it’s reasonably fast and impressively long-wearing. Durability combined with low weight and a supple ride make this tyre an easily recommendable training tyre.”

Gabe Hendry of Bike Hub gives the Maxxis Detonator seven stars out of ten.

“As a consistent performer that is value for money, it’s hard to go past the Maxxis Detonator. In fact, we have ridden them for so long that if you told us they lasted an entire season, we’d probably believe you”.

Maxxis Detonator Road Tyre Review:

“Ridden almost exclusively on rough chip seal, the Maxxis Detonator Road rear tire resisted wear and continued to perform well despite the vibrations. The roller-tread pattern on the center delivers plenty of traction and the softer outer edges provide a smooth transition as well as extra traction in cornering.”

“If you’re looking for a fast, light-weight all-purpose race tire that can also handle training and commuting duties, check out the Nokian. It’s an ideal tire for someone who’s racing all year and riding a lot of miles for fun and fitness.”

Maxxis Atmos II features:

“It’s no wonder the Maxxis is used in the toughest races in the world. The Atmos II is as fast as they come, this is a perfect tire for race day.”

Conversely here is a piece of work that Maxxis have done with some of the top names in the sport. This piece of literature is one of the best advertisements for a product that I have read in a long time. It’s a little old but still worth a look.

Drew Ginn says: “On my first lap of Moadi behind a pace car…I immediately noticed that each corner was more controllable than with previous tires. I found myself faster, riding more aggressively, and most importantly, having a blast while doing it. The grip is incredible in a straight line, and impressive through the corners.”

Zach McDonald says: “The Maxxis Detonator is a ridiculously awesome training tire. Not only is it super fast, but it’s durable enough to get you through plenty of inclement conditions. Simply put, this is one of the fastest riding training tires you will ever come across. The fact that it’s incredibly affordable is just icing on the cake.”

Dan Richter says: “All I know is that Maxxis tires are built like tanks and this Detonator has got to be one of the best craftsmanship training tires you can buy at this price.”

“So? How about some racing? Well, the A4’s did well. The grip in the turns was fantastic, and they broke free on a straight at a very respectable rate. Both Dan and I still preferred the feel of the Vittoria [Veloce], but the Nokian was an excellent choice for a training tire at a fraction of the price.”

In Dave Lloyd’s words: “So, I got the chance to try out an authentic set of Vittoria tyres at the Northern Cup and I loved them. So much so that I thought that I would buy one of my own and tuck it away for the summer for when they would be needed for racing duties.

After the Northern Cup had finished I also wanted to try out a training tyre so that I could use in my ‘normal’ training rides, so with the money originally earmarked for Vittoria’s on my debit card, the Nokian put in an order. It’s kind of like ordering pizza for the delivery, only to have it arrive by helicopter. I’m really pleased that I ordered the Nokian, because honestly, I knew that they would be a good tyre, but I had no idea just how good.

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Written by Mark Adams

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