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Product Review: Magura MTS Disc Brake – Storm SL Rotor

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  • MAX P!
  • Upgradeable
  • High end brake
  • ANTI-Features
  • FEEL SAFETY-Ergonomics
  • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology)
  • Weight 320g (including 160mm Storm SL-Rotor)
  • MTS – Technology

Open hydraulic disc brake system with completely integrated reservoir. EBT technology for superfast and convenient bleeding. Dual piston fixed caliper with automatic pad wear adjustment in a smart DAD (Double Arch Design) for maximum stiffness. Pad wear thickness can be checked without removal of the pads. The master is made out of our innovative Carbotecture® with a new incredible lightweight and durable aluminium lever blade. Featuring a cool look, distinctively enhanced durability and optimized friction performance for stunning brake power. Available with 203, 180, 160 and 140mm diameter. Featherlight aluminium 2-finger blade with integrated reach adjust.

Weight: From 320 g/0.61lbs. onwards incl. 160mm Storm SL-Rotor.

Colours: Black-hardanodized.

Guarantee: 5-year leakproof warranty after online registration on Designed and manufactured in Germany!


  • Weight: 320g (with 160mm Storm SL-Rotor)
  • Colour: Black (lever and caliper) Black (lever blade)
  • Technical features: Full hydraulic dual piston floating caliper

Magura MTS Disc Brake – Storm SL Rotor Review:

The Magura MTS sets itself apart from the rest of the industry with some unique and attractive features. However, the MTS is not without drawbacks. One of the more prominent features is the weight of the MTS, which is just under 320g and comes in at a mere .61lbs. As with any set of brake gears, weight is a factor. The MTS offers a similar weight to the Shimano SL-Rotor and the SRAM HYPERGLIDE Gold-Mount. However, the MTS has the advantage of not only being lightweight, but also being compact and easy to install. However, it isn’t an ideal choice for first-time disc brake riders.

Other features on the Magura MTS include its patent-pending EBT technology that makes bleeding a snap! Use the Magura MTS disc brake spool separately to easily and littllee bleed and adjust the brake pad life.

Regarding the MTS disc brake, it is a well balanced brake with a simple yet effective design. The rotors are also massive and completely do-able. For the price of a new disc brake, the MTS offers a great all-round disc brake solution.

Overall, the Magura MTS has a reassuring feel and the trend of disc brakes continues. This is a well-balanced disc brake system. The Magura MTS has a sense of quality that makes it unique against other disc brake systems. However, there are still some drawbacks to the MTS, namely the weight of the MTS.

Value for Money: Pro

The two Magura disc brakes from Magura have been in production for over a decade and have seen a lot of competition. The Magura MTS has been around for a while and currently offers Gearing enthusiasts an Energy-absorbing disc brake option. The MTS provides a competitive category to the inclement weather-proof stopping needs of the mountain bike or road bike rider. The Magura MTS disc brake is a simple solution for a disc-brake solution as a workhorse component of the disc brake train. The MTS utilises Magura’s innovative inherent friction characteristics. The MTS is an attractive disc brake and it’s visually appealing. The MTS is a very competitive and attractive disc brake system for the price. It is well balanced as is its counterpart, the Shimano SL-Rotor. It also has both great power capabilities and minimum weight. It may lack a perfect disc brake system, but it’s a good disc brake system at a good price.

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  • + Optimum power capability
  • + Feels strong
  • + Very low weight
  • + Good power/speed
  • + Easy installation
  • + Leak-proof EBT technology
  • + Very attractive
  • + Good traction
  • + Good price


  • – Power outputs are low
  • – More expensive than the MTS-R (Rotor)
  • – More maintenance = more effort

Price/Value: Pro

The price of the Magura MTS disc brake is set as most products from Magura are. Whilst the MTS isn’t the cheapest, it is definitely competitive at a price point. The MTS is a very competitive disc brake system; in many respects, it’s even better than the MTS-R. The Magura MTS-R is an attractive option at a price point, but you’re outperforming the MTS-R by a factor of 2.5. With the Magura MTS-R, you have a disc brake system that feels like it’s built for sustained heavy usage in the hilly terrain of the UK.

The Magura MTS is similar to the Magura MTS but offers a slightly different construction: Magura’s high-strength disc brake is once again made from careful engineering. The MTS rotors are a little heftier and use a special design to rotate like they’re led. Magura also offers different rotors and calipers for disc brakes on their two aluminium-brake products. Magura MTS-R is available for mountain bikes and road bikes. The ultimate road disc brake is also available as well: the Magura HYPERGLIDE SPEED CROSS


  • + High-strength
  • + Low-tension
  • + Flexible and light
  • + EBT (easy bleed technology)
  • + Beautiful
  • + Good power/speed
  • + Good traction
  • + Good price
  • + Good power


  • – Not as easy bleed as other brands
  • – Disc brake rotor heavy
  • – Not as well-built as the MTS-R (Magura)

Price/Value: Pro

The price of the MTS is a little more expensive than the MTS-R and it’s even more expensive than the Shimano SL-Rotor. However, the MTS offers a far more aggressive power delivery and the MTS’s rotors feel more solid than the SL-Rotor’s. With that being said, the MTS is a little easier to bleed and requires a little less pumping to acquire power. The MTS also has a cheaper price point than the Shimano SL-Rotor, which is another reason why it’s easily recommended if you’re not a power-specialist. The Magura MTS was widely regarded to be the best all-rounder on the market only a year ago. The Magura MTS has been quietly improving in leaps and bounds with its weight and power. The Magura MTS is a disc-brake that’s well-built and widely regarded as a quality brake.


  • + Holds a solid power delivery
  • + Easy to bleed
  • + EBT technology
  • + Great power/speed
  • + Very attractive
  • + Good price


  • – Can set itself apart from the MTS-R
  • – Best for heavy riders
  • – More maintenance = more effort

Price/Value: Pro

The Magura MTS may be expensive but it’s still a compact and attractive disc brake system. The Magura MTS offers less maintenance and lower maintenance costs. 

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Written by Mark Adams

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