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Product Review: Lynskey MT 29 Frame 2018

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Carefully constructed from certified aerospace 3/2.5 titanium, Lynskey’s MT 29 Titanium Frame smooths out even the roughest terrain. With this frame at the heart of your custom build, you’ll be blasting to the bottom of your trails with pinpoint control and with a comfort level that you thought wasn’t possible on a hardtail!


  • Material: Certified Aerospace Grade 3Al/2.5V straight gauge titanium tubing
  • Recommended Front fork travel: Best suited for 100-120mm or rigid 465mm (axle to crown) forks
  • Rear Rotor size: Accepts up to a 180mm rear rotor
  • Headtube Design: 44mm Oversized (ZS44/EC44)

Lynskey MT 29 Frame 2018 Review:

Lynskey MT 29 can be ridden on most types of Asphalt with a width above the axle line design to accommodate a 110mm axle. Lynskey Bike can be seen on the asphalt at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

To put things into perspective, if you were looking for a brand new pair of MTB frames, the TrackTrip Pro is hard to beat for the price. It’s generally considered as a premium build but is a great category for the price. The frame features a beginner-friendly geometry. It has a fork that is engineered for a super smooth ride. This frame should suit beginners and intermediate riders who are not yet confident on a bike yet to get a hang of. As compared to the other bikes in the category, the TrackTrip Pro is sturdy and can be ridden for a longer time.

VeloGraphics is a DirtFabric frame. Priced at a price under $2000 this is an outlier in the DirtFabric category with less than half the price of other premium-tier offerings. With that said, VeloGraphics is a clean, sturdy, and comfortable bike that goes for a great price. Moreover, it is a bike that this even better priced tier will suit a wide variety of riders.

That said, there is some question whether VeloGraphics is at the upper-end of the DirtFabric category.

Besides, Mountain Bike Frames is a bit specialized and tends to have lighter weights and lower ride-quality than the average DirtFabric . The price of Mountain Bike Frames is comparable to many of the DirtFabric-tier offerings.

With that said, the benefits of this bike are plenty. For example, the bike comes with a secure welded frame making it a high-end MTB frame and it is RockShox’s most trail capable model. Moreover, the bike is one of the best adaptable models of the DirtFabric type and MTB frame types available on the market.

This is a rugged yet balanced and comfortable MTB frame that is widely advertised and tested. Sure it isn’t as sturdy as the MTBR 400 or DirtFabric MTB frames yet it may suit the kind of rider in your life. Additionally, the combination of components makes it a versatile and a forgiving MTB frame that can be enjoyed the longer the trail.

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Lynskey MT 29 Frame 2018 Review:

Is a premium and European-made lightweight frame. Among arguably the best premium European designs. Magicspeed frames are widely recognized in the mountain-biking world and have been independently tested to meet or exceed MTBR standards. Their MTB frames are widely recognized as being among the best in the industry.

Since its introduction in 2005, the Lynskey M-29 has proven itself as one of the best ever designed and built all-terrain touring bikes. Its combination of attractive looks, great ride, and proven reliability make it a great option for any kind of touring or adventure riding. Both short and long-distance riders will love this bike, its perfectly-matched components and affordability make it a steal for the money.

Finally, the Lynskey M-29 will appeal to both rider and bike owner. At the very least, it provides an excellent blend of bike technology and style.

Bikes of the Week: About fifty to sixty bikes all over the world, both in the professional and amateur rider’s ranges.

Considered the greatest MTB bike of all time, the Lynskey’s MT 29 is set to be the first to enter the ghostbikes hall of fame.

According to the Lynskey website, about the design of the MTB 29, the most common opinions are the fork: good stiffness, excellent handlebar fit, climb control.

Also, according to the Lynskey website, the frame: excellent presence of mind and speed in riding, sand proofing, allowed for exciting and radical designs.

As for the wheels: cheap feeling, hard to work on, so always grab it first.

And, another opinion, the frame: I think the most versatile MTB frame brand.

Then this baby not only holds strong, but keeps more.

In specific, Lynskey MT 29 frame: If you’re building a custom MTB frame or parts and it’s not a hardtail frame, then this is the one for you. The MT 29 frame is intended to be a frame for people with good saddle and track skills to ride on the road. The frame is made from 3/2.5 or 1.5-inch tubes, or cassette cuts and hits the ground with much more impact than a hardtail. 

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