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Product Review: Lynskey Fatskey Titanium Frame 2017

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Lynskey’s Fatskey Titanium Frame has been fully revamped to accommodate current customer needs and fat bike component innovations. The geometry of the frame has been optimised to allow for a 100mm front suspension and features Wright style dropouts with replaceable derailleur hanger, tapered integrated headtube and increased rear stiffness with improved chainstays and seatstays.


  • Geometry optimised for 100mm front suspension
  • 197mm rear spacing with 12mm thru axle
  • Clearance for 4.8 rear tyre
  • 100mm 1.375 x 24 UNC threaded bottom bracket shell
  • Increased rear stiffness with improved chainstays and seatstays
  • Head Tube Design: Tapered/integrated
  • Bottom Bracket Type: 100mm standard English
  • Seatpost Diameter: 27.2mm
  • Seat Tube Diameter (Front Derailleur Clamp Size): 34.9mm
  • Wheel Size: 26″

Lynskey Fatskey Titanium Frame 2017 Review:

What I like about Lynskey’s Fatskey Titanium frame is that it treats the bike as an extension of my body. The lower, graphite-colored bars touch my shoulders, getting in the right position on my arms. The titanium frame also feels breathable against my skin even during spirited commutes.

Special features:

  • Lynskey Fatskey Titanium Frame is specifically designed for fat bike riders.
  • It is lighter than a traditional aluminum frame.
  • Curve-Steadying shape for a smooth, uncluttered ride.
  • Bonus: It weighs less than a normal heavyweight, making it faster, just like a fat bike should be!
  • Why I like it:
  • The Lynskey is light and suitable for all riding styles.
  • It woks reliably without pricey parts, like the Shimano MT Select shifter or the Shimano XT hub.
  • It is an elegant, beautifully-polished mountain bike.

The Lynskey Fatskey Titanium frameset is made for all types of riders and fit equally well on fat bikes, singlespeed, and downhill bikes. The Lynskey model was created for riders on an increasing amount of aggregate trail. The frame is super light and is a fully tapered, lightweight frame. The low-section and slanting fork keeps the wheel away from the rider’s backside. The option of a short stem makes it easier to ride in tight spaces. In addition, the slant keeps any vibrations from shaking the gearbox. The JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium frame is a top choice for a first-time rider.

This frame is excellent for new riders and overall hard-core sportsman.

Special features:

  • The JamesLynskey Fatskey frame is extremely light & features a tri-butted aluminium frame.
  • Top component level: It matches up with the Mongoose Cross Sport Sport II frame.
  • What I like about the JamesLynskey Fatskey frame: I’m a professional powerlifter so I know the importance of hi-quality components on a bike.
  • In this video, I talk about the best effects of the Fatskey Titanium frameset.
  • Are you a fatbiker? Please check out the JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium Frame which shimmers with clean lines at low speeds.

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JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium Frame Review:

If you want to ride and commute to work in comfort. You can build one with your own build parameters. It’s a 58cm size long. And you can get it now from the official site at:

Explore your fashion with a Lynskey Fatskey Titanium Frame.

Special features:

Lynskey Fatskey Titanium Frame provides a perfect backdrop for your stylish killer styles.

Built with a pre-axle binding.

100mm threaded bottom bracket shell.

A 100mm threaded bottom bracket shell is a redesigned version of the 60mm threaded bottom bracket shell. This ensures the fit of the bike is as it will be when it arrives.

With a pre-axle binding, the JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium frameset feels very snug.

A custom 180mm stem and handlebar is designed with a great width and the JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium frame are front and rear suspension with slanted 1-1/8x 24 threadless axle as standard. The adjustable handlebars are designed with a staggered C-channel, but you can replace them with a drop-bar if you prefer.

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The bottom of the frame is taper shaped to distribute the forces more evenly through your frame.

The geometry is optimized to fit a bike without complicated rear suspension.

Key-features and benefits:

Compared to the standard bike, the Lynskey Fatskey offers a more comfortable and relaxed riding experience.

It’s a more upright ride for newcomer.

The width of the width grips is very comfortable.

The Lynskey Fatskey Titanium frame used for Fatbike is featuring 36KG of Warranty.

The Lynskey Fatskey Titanium frameset is built with the tyre you decide to ride with.

The JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium frame is designed to match up with modern road bikes, so it fits a wide range of bikes.

Lynskey Fatskey Titanium frameset, which was originally used in the cross country bike, was designed to its future users. It communicates your personality and style. This is why the Lynskey Fatskey Titanium frame is fashionable.

The Lynskey Fatskey Titanium frame function as the prime advance of JamesLynskey.


The JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium Frame is generating a lot of value, with the frame being lightweight, aerodynamic, and durable. The frame is simple to maintain, and the owner can add sharp edges to make the frame even more pure.

All the reasons the JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium frame do not have, because of the variety of bike models and companies. The JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium frame allows you to find better options for your personal needs, or your budget. The JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium frame is an excellent option for overall serious cyclists, from recreational and casual riders. The frame is light, airy and fun to play on.

The JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium Frame was designed to offer the avid cyclist everything they want with none of the drawbacks. To achieve this, the JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium frame was built with a special alloy that is soft and light, yet unsurpassed in construction. The frame is made of high strength, high-grade aluminum. The frame is also very aerodynamic and is designed to be a better ride.

The JamesLynskey Fatskey Titanium frame is made out of bars, saddle and stem. The bars are so lightweight, you can even wear them as a backpack, or when you’re riding as a backpack.

The frame has a very specific geometry, slightly angled bottom bracket, sloping head tube for independent rear suspension, and a degree along the seat tube.

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Written by Mark Adams

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