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Product Review: FSA Omega Compact Road Bars

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Full Speed Ahead (FSA) produces world class bicycle components for road cycling, MTB, and Triathlon for World Tour teams, club riders and people who just love to ride their bikes. FSA has a long history in the sport of cycling and a strong heritage of innovation in design and manufacturing.


  • Double butted, tapered and shot-peened AL6061
  • Compact drop design for improved reach and comfort
  • 120mm wide centre round section makes it easy to mount accessories
  • 125mm drop, 80m reach
  • Shot peened black anodised
  • Polished centre section
  • Laser graphics

Fsa Omega Compact Handlebar Review:

Very pleased with the purchase of these handlebar.

It has multiple colour choices which makes it really easy to match with your bike, it wieghs the right amount; and the packaging is really impressive.

This is a very good bar and well put together. It’s quite a bit lighter than the stock V-990 bars which made it pretty easy to swap out.

The most freaky aspect, is the mounting screws!

Always always use the correct tool to dismantle the stem!.

The packaging is amazing, the cables were individually wrapped and the packaging was very neat.

As most new cyclists do, I stupidly tried to use them with my bike stand and one of the screw would not move / loosen up at all.

After that, I had to go out and buy the right tools, I wanted to make sure that the handlebar is staying in the bike and running smoothly

Even this has not held me back, I love these handlebar and use them for long distance riding and races. But then again I don’t really do a lot of tricks with my bike.

Fsa Omega Compact Handlebar Review:

The best part of the bars are the shift levers, they are comfortable in the hands and the spring tension is just right.

And I realy love bar tape.

34cm is the size I went and I’m pretty happy with it.

I have more of a vertical ride style and I was worried about getting the tweener size.

Very light, comfy, 10 speed compatible, very nice drops.

This is one of the best handlebar I have tried so far, it’s very comfortable and light.

They are kind of skinny in width which you don’t really notice until they’re on the bike.

When I first tried them out, I was concerned that they were too skinny at the bends but they are just right.

If you’re worried about having a stiff ride, don’t. They are stiff enough for a good response to twist.

The 10 degree bend is really nice between the ends.

Read more or buy here

And you’ll never not get tired of grabbing the O-Sytem shifters, the brake levers are just awesome when you push down.

The handle bar is super smooth, super comfortable and really stands out from others, you won’t regret buying them.

Love these handlebars.

They look fantastic on the bike and are very comfortable with the grip tape.

I was expecting to be quite uncomfortable after a road race and it was actually really nice to have the drop bars on for that.

The FSA Omega Compact Road Handlebars come with a compact drop.

The bar is quite light and has a lot of flex, but be careful as the bend between the brake lever and grip can pinch on shirts and jackets.

Vera V-990 handlebars are like Romanesque pillars compared to these.

The weight is within the weight range of a normal Deda Crononero but has a good flat shape and reach to it.

The reach is 80mm for the short and 120mm for the long.

The 15mm drop is quite nice with the hand resting comfortably in the bend of the bars.

A lot of road bars have little to no bend in the middle, meaning there is no resting spot for your hands on the flat section.

The bending is necessary with these bars as the brake levers sit above the grip section.

A lot of people are using these handlebars on their cyclocross bikes and some are using these on their MTB.


There is very little movement in the bars when your riding even though the compact drop on these bars make your position a little lower.

The finish on these is very nice and the gloss is uniform throughout the bars, it has a nice coppery colour to it.

The back of the brake levers has a black finish where there are line up marks and the screw hole covers are a shiny black.

The wrist pads are a soft rubber. The bolts that are used to hold the bars in place are as black as the rest of the handlebar components and match very well with the black finish.

The bars will naturally flare out from your center angle and provide a lot of forearm resting spots with the bend in the middle.

The brake levers are a very comfortable shape and your thumb will have a nice grip on the shifter gear.

The position of the lever on the handlebars is close enough to the tape but still close enough that your hands don’t have to stretch.

Given the compact drop, your hand and arm position will be lower and and more in front of the crank than the rim.

This isn’t new for some of you but I think you’ll find it unusual and it will take a bit of getting used to.

Your biggest issue might be the cowling on your stem that was provide.

Since these are road bars and have a different angle and width than your mountain bike set up, it will pop to the side a bit.

If the cowling wasn’t removable, since it is, then you’ll have to get a couple wraps around the bar with the bar tape to take up that extra space.

These bars are actually for cyclocross if you love the racing, you know it’s a must.

No complaints at all in functionality except for the start/over shift. Some people don’t like the way the bar looks but the sexy is the best part.

If you are looking for a nice standard road bar and if you have stiffy hands from all that bike handling, you should get these handlebar with the Omega Compact Bar.

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Written by Mark Adams

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