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Product Review: Easton EA90 Stem

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Easton’s most advanced aluminium stem is a perfect blend of forged strength and stiffness at a minimal weight.


  • Weight: 130 grams (120mm)
  • Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Steerer diameter: 1.1/8″
  • Rise: 0º
  • Material: Easton EA90 Aluminium, 3D forged
  • Easton Ea90 Stem Review:
  • Collection of Easton EA90 Stem Review
  • Easton EA90 Stem Specs:
  • Colour Finish: Easton’s signature Beige
  • Material Type: High Strength Aluminium
  • Handle Material: High Strength Stiff High carbon polymer
  • Compatibility: Easton EA90 Fly Fork

Easton EA90 Stem Review:

Stem was a line of racks with the Stealth stem on the bar. A couple year later Stealth Mountain Bike tires, Alloy 43 stem, Stealth seatpost and Stealth dropping through the years. As a result of their steering innovation, Easton started to manufacture the Stealth stem.

Stealth is a BMX point to point with full linear geometry bar, a Stealth stem. It has a rigid aluminium alloy head tube with a tapered bagge tube and fl style tubular crown piece with full mid control. Stealth stem is a steep stem with a steep seat tube and stays 1.125″ (19.25mm). Stealth Stealth is a steep seat tube design with full-length steerer tube that tapers to a 46mm tapered head angle from the bottom. Stealth Stealth is what they call the “true 1080” which is a cockpit oriented “pivot” loading design that is designed to be as light as it can be while maintaining stiffness at the tips.

Easton Stealth is a nice looking bike with a modern geometry, it all fits together with the Stealth stem and Rockshox budget fork offering. There were 2 sizes of Stealth Stealth: big and small.

Easton Ea90 Stem Review:

Hungarian born engineer, Andras Peus Dorna is one of the most brilliant minds who’s works have been read and talked about in the world of Bikes. There is no doubt that it is a feeling deja vu when you see an all original bike clearly from left to right: the no date bar end, the classic rake angle history, classic seat tube angle, and the geometry.

The Tech Boy was very similar to the RockShox Revelation. It has a standard geometry with a tapered head tube and a plethora of tubes. It has full linear geometry, Shimano XT, Shimano SLX.

Easton Ea90 Stem – Specs:

  • Colour: Beige
  • Material: Aluminium, 3D forged
  • Handle: High carbon polymer
  • Composition: High strength thick and stiff
  • Rear: Carbon
  • Front: Advanced aerospace aluminium
  • Steerer: Advanced aerospace aluminium


After the end of manufacturing Stealth, Andras Peus Dorna decided to create something that had to be made and stood behind in the last phase of his career. That’s when he decided to design everything in one-piece, having totally reduced all sub-assemblies.

It is a flat-topped, late-stake frame that has a modern geometry and was designed to showcase the unique attributes of the Stealth frame.

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Easton Ea90 Stem Review:

Technology, function and comfort

Unique design, technology and finish. Ambient light and a full-less than 500 watt headlight.

The Ea90 Stem can also be equipped with mounting points for some neat additions:

The Easton Ea90 Stem is the ultimate comfort bike.

Get yourself on the road to a comfortable ride where you don’t have to think about the road and what’s in front of you because everything is right there, and you’re free to flow with the natural gait cycle.

“All of these bikes are great bikes, but we’ve made a few tweaks to give them more character and to make sure that they’re pretty much identical. The most noticeable thing is the black accents on the seat stays and the seatstays. It tracks the bike in the same way as the previous design while making it slightly more visually noticeable. We’ve also increased the concave in the toe section to make the bike a little more powerful.” – Andras Peus Dorna

Anders Peus Dorna’s alu Chromoly Ea90 Stem.

So what improvements have been made to the Ea90 Stem?

Reduced weight.

True to the original Stealth concept.

Comes with all of the components already fitted.

Beautiful modern geometry.

Arms this design is a homage to the old Easton line with the classic bar bend and steeper top tube. The Ea90 Stem is a great looking bike.

Not to toot our own horn, but be sure to check out the brand new Biomechanique Easton Ea90 Stem for a more authentic feel to the Easton Ea90.

Easton Ea90 Stem Mockup:

As with any new product in the marketplace, it is important to remember that the Easton Ea90 Stem is not final design, meaning there is still room for improvement. The camera team of Emily and Nick had a blast testing and tweaking the bike, and we have made adjustments already to ensure the full potential of the bike is not overwhelmed by various parts. We encourage riders to send in their ideas in any of the two threads below:

For Mailing List/Backer Threads

We will be working hard over the next few weeks to create a final version of the Ea90 Stem to send to backers. If you have any ideas or feedback, please share in the thread below.

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Easton Ea90 Stem Backer Feedback:

“With regards to the stem, it’s a great design. The head angle may be a tad steeper than what I’m used to since my dern bike is 27.5, but I’m pretty confident that I’ll get used to it. I like that it’s vertical, and that it’s pretty stiff. The seat tube angle has a nice arc to it, and I think the geometry works. You’ve gone with the 14mm axle versus the old 11mm, which is a little sharp. The quality of the materials is awesome, and we’re very satisfied with what we’re seeing.”

“The amount of weight reduction you folks have done is astounding. It’s also hard not to like the looks of it. The frame is equally as impressive! The geometry (and steering feel) seems to be perfect.”

“My only gripe is that the stem is pretty long, which kind of bothers me. I like the appearance of the bike, so I guess it won’t bother me if I didn’t have a long stem. But I’d still like to have the possibility to upgrade the stem’s length whenever I want.”

“From your text alone in the previous review, you state that you’re not designing this for any one. I think you have. You’ve designed it from the ground up to be a comfortable bike, from the bottom up. You’ve scored well. “

“The only change I would make is both front and rear. I hate the idea of taking the Liberty or SL7 out of the package for reassembly after a scooter rebuild. I wanna be able to run them as road frames.” -Richard from Ohio

“Well I have to say that the Easton Ea90 Stem is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden. You’ve basically won me over with the amount of weight that you’ve removed from the bike. It feels so much better than any other bike. I have a mountain bike and a road bike of a similar size, and I find that the road bike feels closer to the latter, and more stable. Which is nice if I’m in the middle or on a downhill run.

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Written by Mark Adams

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