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Product Review: Campagnolo Bullet 50mm Road Wheelset

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Pairing performance with sleek looks, these race ready carbon/alloy road bike wheels combine a carbon fibre inner rim with an alloy outer braking surface. This means you get a low overall weight due to the carbon fibre and all the reliability of an aluminium braking track. Responsive and agile, they’ll equip you to attack the competition.


  • Integrated Aluminium/Carbon Rim Structure: The exclusive coupling system of the aluminium rim and carbon structure makes the rim extremely rigid, it allows for excellent responsiveness levels and durability of the wheel
  • Dynamic Balancing on the Rim: Thanks to a special operation of the production process, the carbon fibre layup is positioned in such a way as to obtain perfect balancing of the rim even at high speeds
  • Momag™: Allows the external profile of the rim to be free of holes, increases structural resistance, makes rim tape unnecessary and reduces the weight of the wheel

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Campagnolo Bullet Ultra 50 Wheelset Review:

Campagnolo’s newly launched wheelset is product of your company’s efforts to make a truly composite wheel that allows them to cut back on costs while still maintaining their reputation for product quality. The company is legendary for top of the line equipment, but it is also well known for charging the costs associated with that branding. Their new wheelset is an example of this new strategy, as it was specifically designed to increase your company’s market reach by providing a mainstream carbon/alloy wheelset that combines Campagnolo’s trademark braking surface with a lower price point. Reaching the consumer in such a way, your company has been able to cater to a wider range of consumers, all of whom have been made aware of the brand’s reputation through Campy’s aggressive marketing campaign for the new wheelset.

The wheelset is marketed as Campagnolo’s first attempt at manufacturing the kind of wheelset that will appeal to the most hardcore cyclists, something that may initially seem contradictory in view of the many extreme road bikes out there. Looking deeper, however, one can see that there is a common demographic among these cyclists; a demographic that classifies riders who seek out the most exhilarating rides over challenging terrain. The success of your product lies in your company’s ability to attract the maximum number of these cyclists to its wheels, which it will do through marketing the wheelset’s thrilling performance.

Traditionally, cyclists that participate in ultra challenging races up and down the mountainous trails of remote locations are known to use an ultra light wheelset that is geared towards elite performance rather than overall practicality and usability. Your company’s new wheelset has the potential to attract this demographic, since the carbon/alloy construction will allow fast and responsive acceleration as well as an impressive braking surface. These features, along with the wheelset’s light weight, will appeal to the segment of cyclists who seek out the most extreme race courses, and are primarily interested in their bike’s performance over looks.

In order to attract this segment of the market, your company will have to invest in advertising the wheelset’s most attractive features: its combination of slender outer rim and smooth, aerodynamic look. Your company will market the wheelset to this niche market by profiling it in a way that evokes an image of light weight performance. The wheelset’s sleek appearance will be advertised in a way that communicates a lightweight design, and the Campagnolo name will be used in place of the word “speed” to give the wheelset a feeling of exclusivity. Even the colours will play an important role in defining your product’s image, as black is widely used to provide a feeling of sophistication, which will convince bike enthusiasts that the wheelset will be a perfect match for their aspirations.

Your company will also take advantage of its recent inclusion in the Tour de France to advertise its new wheelset. The wheels have been proven to allow outstanding performance in the mountains, and it was their incorporation into this year’s race that allowed them to gain great exposure upon their release. Cycling enthusiasts will undoubtedly be looking to acquire this type of wheelset once your company unveils the new product.

The treadle of your product is its use in tandem with the influential bike manufacturer, Ferrari. The horse symbol that Campagnolo has adopted for the wheelset is certainly an interesting choice, as it is both prestigious and controversial. Ferrari and the horse are both symbols of speed, and considering that this year’s Tour de France winner implemented an aerodynamic bike that reflected the current trend in cycling technology, a gearing manufacturer like Campagnolo would be wise to take advantage of the connection.

Recognizing the powerful branding potential of this connection, your company’s marketing campaign will focus on the wheelset’s exclusivity as being a perfect match for its high quality components. Approaching the bicycle community in this way, your company will present its Campagnolo wheelset as the first step in a series of innovations, laying the groundwork for future products that will innovate upon its current technology to appeal to a wider range of consumers. The campaign will target cyclists of varying classes, striving to appeal to the most elite cyclists of the world tour, as well as your company’s most dedicated fans that seek out your most high performance products.

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Written by Mark Adams

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