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Product Review: Brooks England Swallow Classic Chrome Saddle

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The Swallow Classic reproduces the timeless design of the daddy of all modern racing saddles, first in production in 1937. Featuring the original chromium plated steel metalwork.

The tensioning plate on the underside still bears the original patenting information retaining the word DEPOSÉ, as the patent for this model was first registered in Paris. Back then many of Brooks saddles in fact were exported to the continent for the use of racers in the tours.

Brooks Swallow Saddle Review:

The Swallow has a fabulous shape and looks splendid with its chromed steel strips and rivets. But don’t be deceived, this is no ornament, it’s a pleasure to be on and rides like a true bucket seat racer.

I chose the Swallow for my retro-themed Condor with its spoked wheels but interestingly the Swallow will also work on modern touring bikes with larger 700c (or 650b if you have one) diameter wheels where the ample width of the seat (153mm) will be appreciated.

The Swallow is a great width if you’re a seatshifter, or indeed if you’re born to sit into a more upright position on the bike and want to take most of the weight off your hands and back.

The Swallow on my Condor (above) is very comfy indeed and after happily riding up steep and long hills I can report that it will stand up to plenty of seated cornering without feeling scooped or too short of butt.

It’s a good choice for anyone seeking a saddle that is:

  • Comfortable for all day rides
  • Sustainable
  • Good value

The first thing that strikes you about this saddle when you first lift the flocked top cover off is just how beautifully made and finished it is.

Although the polished aluminium rails are rivetted into a leather top (and I do mean RIVETED, not sutured on with hot steel gobbets like some cheap saddles) the traditional double stitch lines give it that real heritage look that is guaranteed to delight and satisfy anyone who chooses it.

The thickly cushioned flocked top, which is further enhanced by a Brooks branded leather cover, will make it more durable than some thinly tanned gel saddles, while still providing excellent road feel courtesy of its single piece of resilient leather construction.

So far so good and all for a sensible price that makes the Brooks suitable for a wide variety of users.

As an added attraction Brooks offer a thirty day trial period – so you can sit on it for a month and make sure it’s the right choice for you.

Go on – say hello to Brooks.

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Brooks Swallow Saddle Review:

The B17 Swallow is the model that started it all. For those who know a little about Brooks saddles, your ‘North Road’ or ‘Gloria’ is in fact a B17.

The first model on which it all began, the leather-side of the ‘North Road’ can still be seen by many investors on the ‘Swallow’ model – still produced today in the original chromised steel.

So what is it like?

The Swallow is just as the name indicates, beautifully finished with stainless steel rivets and top quality leather and leather cover. The Swallow is a classic model of saddle, it’s made of the iconic ‘English Racing’ saddle shape and has a really good shape. The Swallow is of course made out of high quality leather, and it comes with a leather cover.

In many ways the Swallow is a good all round model. It’s a great choice for a sports bike; easy and part of the bike, but it’s also excellent on a touring bike.

It is an ideal saddle for the rustic holiday rider or the discerning.

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Written by Mark Adams

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