How To Modify a Golf Cart for Off-Roading

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Today, more and more golf carts get purchased for uses unrelated to the gentlemen’s game. Many owners now buy golf carts with the plans to use them to drive around their property or the local area, similar to an off-roading vehicle. However, stock golf carts weren’t built for traversing rough terrain, so you’ll have to make some modifications. Explore this article to learn how to modify a golf cart for off-roading if you want to get more out of your vehicle.

Lift Kit

The main problem with taking a golf cart off-road is that they typically have a shallow clearance level. Since they designed the carts for paved paths and highly manicured golf courses, they didn’t build the suspension to drive over bumpy, debris-filled terrain. Lifts are used because they let you put a bigger tire on, which adds clearance beneath, making going over more significant obstacles easier.

One of the best lift kits for your golf cart is an A-arm frame because, on top of the added clearance, they provide your suspension with added stability and shock absorption. Drop axle lifts are also helpful for improving the front suspension. Then, you can install block lifts if you don’t care about shock absorption and just want the extra height.


With a lift kit, you’ll have enough clearance to upgrade to all-terrain tires. All-terrain tires have improved tread and thicker rubber that allows you to drive over just about anything in your path. They are typically about 20″ to 22″ tall, though, which is why you’ll need the lift. Also, with larger tires, your cart gets more stability because it widens the vehicle’s frame.


Once you get a new set of tires, you’ll need a matching set of off-terrain wheels to match. When picking your wheels, you need to pay attention to one thing: that the sizes fit with the tires and the axle. Then, it’s just about finding that perfect match of performance and looking cool.

LED Light Bar

Another part of taking a golf cart off-roading is that there will come a time when you have the vehicle out when the sun is down. Stock golf cart lights aren’t powerful enough to properly light the way driving in the pitch-black wilderness, so you’ll want to consider installing an LED light bar that gives you added vision at night.

Now that you know how to modify a golf cart for off-roading, you can install the proper upgrades to make everywhere your path.

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