Great Gear for a Better Mountain Biking Experience

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We hope you already have the mountain biking basics down, because this list goes beyond the basics. These are five great gear items for a better mountain biking experience. These items, while not mandatory, will make your ride even better. They’re also great gift items, so feel free to send this list along to your family members who need a little guidance this upcoming holiday season!

A Bike Cage

These attach to the frame of your bike, usually under the seat, to hold your water bottle in place. It’s a convenient way to carry your water—you won’t need to wear a backpack to hold it, and it’s easier to access during quick breaks.

A Great Water Bottle

You’ll want one designed to fit into your bike cage. We’d personally recommend Camelback or a similar brand. It’ll keep your water cool and fit well in the bike cage because of its unique shape.

Be sure to check the clearance before grabbing the biggest size; you’ll need to make sure the bottle will fit neatly into the cage and not stick out.

A Nice Pair of Gloves

A good pair of gloves will dampen vibrations and shock coming through the handlebars, minimizing the impact on your hands and arms. They protect your palms in case of a fall, and they can be a great way to keep a nonslip grip on the handlebars if you tend to have sweaty hands.

A Few Pairs of Bike Shorts

Once you make the jump and switch to bike shorts, you’ll never go back. These spandex shorts are designed to move with you, making your ride more comfortable. They’re breathable, and they won’t ride up or dig in.

We recommend grabbing a couple of pairs, so you always have one clean for your next biking trip.

A Bike Rack

Though a bit of an investment, a bike rack is one of the best pieces of gear to buy for a better mountain biking experience. An external bike rack means no more jamming your mountain bike into the back of your SUV. Better yet, it means no more mud all over the back of your car.

Be sure to choose the right bike rack for your car to maximize the lifespan of your bike rack and make packing for your trip as easy as possible.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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