5 Incredible Air Sports To Try This Summer

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Thrill-seekers looking for an extra rush may want to try something new this year. Instead of keeping your feet planted on the ground, you might want to consider some exhilarating sports that get you up in the sky. Here are five incredible air sports you can try this summer to see which ones are right for you.


Skydiving involves falling from a great height before eventually unfurling a parachute to land safely. The feeling of the wind in your face is amazing, and when it’s blowing against your entire body as you’re speeding toward terminal velocity, things ascend to an entirely different level. A common game with skydiving is trying to land on a bullseye to score extra points.


A portmanteau of aerial acrobatics, aerobatics are any sort of exciting tricks or maneuvers that people may do when flying. Tricks like loop-de-loops and barrel rolls are common spectacles in aerobatics. However, this sport is for those who have experience and mastery of flying a plane. Before attempting to get into aerial sports, it may be good to find a certified flight instructor to help get you started.


Hot air ballooning is less intense than some of the other incredible air sports you can try this summer. Flying a hot air balloon offers a lovely bird’s eye view of the land and is an enjoyable summertime hobby for those looking to try something new.

Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is an air sport that involves piloting a non-motorized craft like a kite and seeing how far you can glide by catching air currents. Hang-gliders launch themselves with the wind from an elevated height to see how far they can go.


Paragliding is a safe, accessible way to take to the skies. Like hang gliding, paragliding involves strapping a kite-like parachute to your body and launching yourself from a cliffside. A common alternative to paragliding involves strapping the chute to the back of a boat and lifting yourself above the water.

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