Exciting Sports You’ve Never Heard of Before

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Every article discussing extreme sports mentions bungee jumping or sky diving, but there are plenty of great sports that don’t get enough love. Here are five exciting sports you’ve never heard of before.

Cliff Camping: A Great Way To Hang Out

A favorite of cliff climbers, cliff camping consists of anchoring a piece of camping equipment called a portaledge into a cliff face. Campers then spend the night suspended hundreds of feet above the ground. This is particularly useful if you’re attempting to climb a big wall like El Capitan, which will take multiple days of climbing to reach the summit.

Today’s portaledges are quite safe because most climbers harness themselves to both the ledge and the wall while sleeping. So don’t let the fear of rolling out of bed stop you from trying one of the most extreme campsites.

Snowkiting: Level Up Your Ski Game

As indicated by the name, snowkiting is an outdoor winter sport that consists of participants using a kite to glide over snow and ice. Unlike most snow sports, the kite allows snowkiters to travel both uphill and downhill. Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, snowkiting is a great option for a more extreme version of the sport.

Roller Derby: For Those with Pent-up Aggression

While this may not be a sport you’ve never heard of before, you probably only think of women’s leagues. That’s because roller derby was largely dominated by all-female teams, with men supporting as referees or officials. That’s been changing since 2007, when the Men’s Roller Derby Association began operations.

Roller derby is now open to people of every gender. It’s a fast-paced, aggressive sport that puts you in close quarters with your competitors. Two teams of 15 skate around the track, attempting to lap the other members of the team through force and skill.

Drone Racing: For the Wannabe Top Gun Pilot

Operators wear goggles that let them see from the drone’s point of view. Because you can see only what the drone sees, you’ll feel as though you’re onboard it yourself. Pilots race through obstacle courses at top speed. Whoever’s the fastest wins! There are plenty of leagues and competitions you can join, but first, you’ll need your own racing drone.

Wife-Carrying: For Couples Looking for Some Quality Time

Originating in Finland, wife-carrying consists of male competitors carrying a female teammate on their backs while racing through an obstacle course track. The course includes a 253-meter track, two dry obstacles, and one wet obstacle. Typically, men carry their own wives, but partnering with a friend’s wife or female friend is okay too. However, she must be at least 49 kilograms (108 pounds), or she’ll have to carry a rucksack to make up the extra weight.

Though some other athletes treat the sport as a joke, the competitors take it very seriously. This is no surprise, as the prize for the annual Wife Carrying World Championships is the wife’s weight in beer!

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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