Essential Items You Should Keep in Your Gym Bag

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Whether you consider yourself a gym rat or you’re just getting into the game, the bag you take with you is an essential part of working out. You don’t want to realize you forgot something at home once you’re finally at the gym. Your gym experience should go as smoothly as possible. Here are the essential items you should keep in your gym bag at all times.

Gym Shoes

You might go to the gym straight from work, or just forget that you need gym shoes before you leave the house. Avoid this problem by putting your gym shoes into your bag after each session. No one wants to be the person wearing their work shoes at the gym.

Gym Clothes

Whatever you wear to the gym, whether it’s yoga pants, tank tops, or basketball shorts, don’t forget to pack them in your bag. Working out in jeans is possible, but you don’t want to do that if it’s not necessary.


While you can get a towel from the gym if you want, it’s usually better to bring your own. Having a towel is great for getting rid of sweat and for protecting the equipment you’re using as well.

Water Bottle

Water is an absolute essential when you’re working out regularly. Sure, gyms normally have water fountains, but save yourself the time and pack a reusable water bottle instead. Staying hydrated doesn’t just make your workouts better—it will also prevent you from hurting yourself in the long run.


While this sounds like a broad category, this refers to all the little things that can help you in the gym. This includes things like your fitness tracker, your watch, sweatbands, hair ties, earbuds, or headphones. These are all essential equipment you need to have in your gym bag.


You won’t want to carry all of these things around with you in the gym, so make sure you have a lock for the gym’s lockers. Get one with a combination lock that you can memorize instead of keeping a key with you at all times.

Written by Kevin O'Neill

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