Bike Riding or Coal Mining? | Dawid Godziek Until 18

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Suszec, Poland late 1990’s. Little Dawid Godziek has so many plans for the future. He wants to be a soccer player, an altar boy & his grandfather has high hopes for him continuing the family tradition becoming a coal-mining engineer. There is only one “problem” – Dawid wants to ride his bike all day, every day. Roughly 20 years and many tough decisions later, Dawid is showcasing his tricks & his style on the World’s biggest stages, be it his backyard self-built park, X Games or Crankworx World Tour. The younger half of the @Godziek Brothers is known for his perfectionist work on his BMX & MTB rigs, putting Poland on the bike map of the World.

There’s one crucial moment in life when you need to decide what you are going to do for your future – there’s a lot of pressure, and usually, parents says you should choose a “real” profession. This is Until 18.

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