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Best MTB (Mountain Biking) Glasses

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best MTB (Mountain Biking) Glasses. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Oakley Radar EV Advancer

This product was recommended by Abby from Wellpcb PTY LTD

The Oakley Radar has been perhaps the most well-known cycling sunglasses both on-and rough terrain for quite a while. A couple of years back, Oakley dispatched the EV or expanded vision variant, and now they have adjusted the no-mist Advancer nose piece to the stage. With a vented focal point, the Advancer nose piece can push the scenes a couple of millimeters from your face with the flip of a change to improve the wind stream behind the focal point. For the Radar’s most recent cycle, the EV Advancer highlights another bigger focal pointcut that broadens inclusion and a more adjusted lower edge to make it more averse to cut your face in an accident.

Smith Ruckus

This product was recommended by Abby from Wellpcb PTY LTD

The Ruckus is the most recent development of Smith’s PivLock simple change framework. The lens is changed by pivoting the arms 90-degrees and embeddings the egg-molded stub into the new lens and returning them by turning them back down. The arms do not, at this point, fit straightforwardly into the lens; presently, they go into a fortified plastic mount on the edge of the lens and invite improvement as it was not difficult to scratch the lens with the past framework. Smith’s color blocking innovation is called Chroma Pop and channels two explicit light frequencies (blue and green, and green and red) that create color confusion. The brand says this takes into account improved definition, more common tone, and unrivaled lucidity, permitting your eyes to get more detail.

Shred Stomp Noweight Cbl Sunglasses

This product was recommended by Abby from Wellpcb PTY LTD

Not every person is searching for a bunch of ‘go quick’ sunglasses when they swing a leg over an off-road bicycle, and many are after a more relaxed look they can likewise wear for a beer afterward. SHRED and accomplice brand SlyTech was established by US Olympic ski racer Ted ‘Shred’ Ligety. The Stomp sunnies get a fluid cast urethane lens done with the brand’s rendition of a contrast-enhancing color channel. While the casing looks pretty easygoing, they’ve got elastic grippers on the button and rubber tips to keep them joined to your face down a rough decent.

Smith Wildcat

This product was recommended by James Black from Wilderness Redefined

I prefer larger frames that offer the best full-face protection against wind and dust – these do exactly that. I love the fact that they are ridgeless over the nose and offer excellent all-round vision, including peripheral. Light, and tight-fitting, and good anti-glare lenses, I hardly feel them on my face. The retro design is pretty cool too.

SL-1X Shield Lens (SL) Performance Sunglasses

This product was recommended by Caroline from CocoSign

Roka SL-1X- The Roka has one of the best fits in the industry. They also fit snuggly with most of the mountain bike helmets. Aside from the two given factors, they also have sleek frameless designs with nice details.

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