Best Mountain Biking Resorts:A Complete Guide

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Mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road. Often this is done over rough terrain. Mountain biking uses specially designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are similar to other bikes, but have features designed to make them stronger and hold up in rough terrain.

What is a Mountain Biking Resort?

The criteria for a resort are the same as for a ski resort. A playing field must be large enough to accommodate the number of bikers, there must be watering facilities, there must be some sort of a trail or track to ride on, those tracks need to be maintained regularly, and the resort must have a decent size parking area. For mountain biking, that parking area should be paved to protect riders and bikes from the dust and rocks.

Evaluation Criteria

A mountain biking resort was evaluated with an open mind, but with six criteria in mind:

Cost of Accommodation and Food: Obviously accommodation and food should be considered. It is tough to enjoy oneself when one cannot sleep or subsist on something besides peanuts. As well, it is not the best way to stretch a dollar to spend a lot of money on biking and then pay more for accommodation and food.

Resort Variety: A resort should provide more than just biking. The best resorts offer a wide variety of outdoor activities to their visitors. This varied environment will please those who enjoy hiking, fishing, canoeing, rafting, swimming, or the ambiance of a campfire at night on a beach.

Nightlife: A resort should offer some evening entertainment. A full service resort has the capability to accommodate a discotheque, bands, and other evening fare, but the most entertaining resorts have other special events to offer. Movies, lectures and performances are very popular. Special dinners, dances, and evenings set aside for some of the best local talent make for a fun evening.

Range of Difficulties: Mountain biking is considered a sport. It is competitive, and a certain amount of skill and balance is needed to have fun. A mountain biker should feel challenged to ride more difficult trails and not just go through the motions. A variety of trails is a must.

Range of Terrain: The area should have trails designed for a variety of skill levels. Some should require more skill, controlled speed and balance than others. There should be trails for beginners with gentle slopes and not a lot of rocks or other obstacles to avoid. Some of the trails should allow the mountain biker to enjoy the natural environment and go faster while still staying on the trail.

Trail Standards: The trails should be clean and weed-less. Trail building should be done during the off-season, not in the summer. Each trail should have a posted map. Signs should be placed at points along the trail so the biker knows what to expect before and during a ride.

Safety Review: Everyone knows that safety is a concern when people go off the road. The biggest safety concern for mountain bikers is the lack of visibility and the ability for vehicles to get too close to bikers. Riders must wear a helmet at all times. A bright coloured helmet is a necessity so drivers can see riders in low light conditions. Closing times should be strictly enforced.

For new and first-time bike park visitors?

It is very important to know your own limits, skills and abilities, before you ride on the mountain bike park. The rules included are for new and first-time bike park visitors?

Mountain biking is meant to be fun and to test a person’s abilities. Good riders will have control over the bikes at all times; if this is not true, then the rider is lacking confidence in his/her own abilities.

With the majority of mountain biking trails, it is essential to follow the rules. Most trails have a distinct line to follow. Common rules include: not riding more than two riders abreast; yielding to uphill riders (especially important on a single track trail); staying on the right, and no riding down the center of the trail.

One of the most frequently ignored rules is the “unwritten rule”: pass on the left. Most of the early trail builders were influenced by the European history and culture. This influence is evident in the use of switchback style trails, originating from the wagon trails. The switchback trails were built to keep horses and wagons from seeing who was coming up the trail while still maintaining visibility of what could be coming from behind.

Sun valley

This product was recommended by Patricia Johnson from Pedal Lovers

My favorite mountain bike resort is Sun valley, because it is perfect for rides all year around, with LOTS of trails to check out, each one of them gets your heart pumping just by looking at the map! Not to mention the amazing scenery all around the resort, not just the trails. The staff are professional, the accommodations are clean and the resort provides many services and activities to do for any outdoor enthusiasts.

Enchantment Resort

This product was recommended by Emelyn Solis from Wagstaffmktg

Enchantment Resort offers access to 250 miles of impressive mountain biking and hiking trails along Sedona’s dramatic landscapes as well as over 100 weekly activities. Elevating Enchantment Resort’s current robust outdoor and adventure programming, the resort is debuting Trail House at Enchantment Resort in summer 2020, which will serve as an epicenter for activity and adventure. With over 4,000 active square feet, Trail House will offer a retail space for professional-grade equipment and accessories, a shop for bike rentals, fitting, assembly and purchase and an area dedicated to the discovery and education of Sedona’s iconic trails. Guests of Enchantment Resort and Mii amo will also have access to learn from, hike with or ride alongside the resort’s 21 expert guides who bring decades of combined Sedona-specific trail experience. The property will also introduce a variety of new programming including an all-new Canyon to Creek challenge for biking enthusiasts. Additionally, to help educate the Sedona youth on the locale, Trail House will welcome classrooms from West Sedona Elementary School for annual field trips to coincide with their geography, flora and fauna and physics curriculums.

Trail House

Whistler Mountain Bike Park

This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

A Whistler Mountain Bike Park Pass is your access to a sleepless summer. Passes are available in five different varieties designed to provide maximum flexibility.

Aspen Snowmass

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Aspen Snowmass is located in Aspen, Colorado. With the combination of value-based company with unparalleled mountain sports, community, history, culture, and environment gives us a unique market niche.

Angel Fire Bike Park

This product was recommended by Jennifer Willy from Etia

Angel Fire Bike Park is the largest Bike Park in the Rocky Mountains and is located in New Mexico. They are four-season resort offering a memorable Rocky Mountain experience for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and groups.

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