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Best Gifts For A Mountain Biker

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What gifts to pick for mountain bikers?

As mountain bikers are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, we thought we’d put together a helpful piece on what we’d suggest as mountain bikers would be the best and most failsafe options. From performance socks to action cameras, there’s bound to be something just right for a mountain biker you know.

Mountain Biking Gloves

Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves 

The Fox Racing Ranger Mountain Bike Gloves boast features perfect for mountain-biking:

  • A polyester, nylon construction for durability
  • Double layer Clarino palm and low profile wrist tab to boost flexibility and comfort

This simple yet effect gift is excellent for beginners and more experienced bikers.


Contributor: Ollie Smith from ExpertSure

Mountain Biking Distress Beacons

Silent Beacon

As we bike our way into spring, we can enjoy more peace of mind with Silent Beacon. 

This panic button is lightweight, water-resistant and wireless. It seamlessly connects to smartphones or any other bluetooth-compatible device.

Here are some stand-out features:

  • The Beacon can place a call to first responders and anyone else in an emergency 
  • Includes GPS tracking for emergency services — all with one button push.
  • Two-way communication device thoughtfully designed for easy activation and avoidance of false alerts
  • Multiple customized direct contact options (911/EMS)
  • Customizable contact list

No other wearable safety device does so much for so little — and so simply.

Silent Beacon offers features not available on other wearable devices, at a  very fair price. Thankfully there aren’t monthly payments or hidden fees. 

Contributor: Kenny Kelley from Silent Beacon

Run Angel

Run angel is an alternative innovative safety wrist wearable that emits a very loud siren from its patent pending acoustic chamber design to attract attention in an emergency such as an injury or attack.

It connects to smartphone devices to send emergency alerts to loved ones by SMS & email, showing the date, time and location of the wearer.

Contributor: David Caren from Run Angel

Extra Strength CBD Muscle Salve 

It’s no secret that enjoying the outdoors can take its toll on your body, but there’s no reason to let pain and discomfort win. The Glacier Wellness Muscle Salve offers the following:

  •  Tremendous, effective relief where you need it most
  • Won’t leave you oily or smelling like an old-age home! 

In addition to its truly remarkable and effective pain relief, the CBD body butter is great for calming the stress of everyday life thanks to its mix of essential oils and soothing scents.

As an added bonus, our salve is made from the finest American grown hemp. This product is also ethical, GMO-, and paraben-free.

Contributor: Samantha Morrison from Glacier Wellness 

Horizon 1 Sunglasses

Everyone loves sunglasses that make them look cool, and all three versions of Horizon 1 sport sunglasses (Slope, Wave, and Mesa) are styled with an edge. They’re a perfect gift for anyone that enjoys the great outdoors, or just wants to look good. 

Each pair includes:

  • 3 pairs of interchangeable lenses (grey, rose, and clear) for varying weather conditions (instructions included
  • A carrying case with belt loops and clip
  • A warranty

A polarized version of their grey tint lenses is also available. Other attractive frame colors that will be available soon are: white, purple, and tortoise shell.

Contributor: Andrew Cochran from Next Horizon Eyewear LLC

Original Worm

The Original Worm-Combines Massage Balls & Foam Roller for Neck, feet, Back, Shins, Calves, Hips, Glutes. Portable. Great Travel Roller for Plane and car. Easy to use.

The Original Worm is the portable, full body massage roller that combines the benefits of therapy balls with a foam roller. 

The Worm’s specially designed, neoprene encased, solid rubber massage balls target 4 times the body’s surface area. 

These massage roller balls will provide trigger point release to combat stiffness, pain and stress in muscles and joints. It can be something you realise you need once it’s too late. 

Contributor’s site:

The Cleat WedgeR 

Developed by Paul Swift, 8-time US National cycling champion who competed with the US National Cycling Team from 1983 to 1997, the Cleat WedgeR is designed to provide a solution to a problem most all cyclists face.

Studies have shown that 96% of all cyclists (mountain, road, gym) deal with one of two foot issues. Their feet either tilt in or out when coming into contact with the pedals. This creates a lack of alignment with the knee which can lead to pain and injury while also reducing efficiency and power.

The very affordable Cleat Wedge (MSRP: $25) solves this by creating an even pressure point across the foot to align the point of contact. The result is a vertical path between the knee and pedal which increases efficiency and power while also eliminating knee and foot pain.

The Cleat Wedge is available in two, three and four hole designs.

Contributor: Paul Swift from BikeFit

The Seventy2 Hour Survival Kit

The Seventy2 Hour Survival Kit is a perfect gift for the avid Mountain Biker because it is a backpack comprised of supplies and tools that will help you be prepared for any type of situation that a mountain biker may face when ripping down a trail.

The Seventy2 is ideal because it is all encompassed in one lightweight, mobile backpack that will not negatively impact performance, but rather it will allow you to be confident in your biking because if anything may happen you will be prepared.

Contributor: Christian Schauf from Uncharted Supply Co

Performance Socks and Tailwind Nutrition


Feetures socks are great for cycling, and are one of those small details that can transform your riding experience.

These are the picks of the range:

1) Feetures’ new Merino 10 is blended with a luxurious combination of TENCEL and Merino wool for all-weather performance in any season. Designed with patented Sock Lock technology, the Merino 10 line provides targeted compression in the arch to provide all-day support and eliminate blisters.

2) Constructed with moisture-wicking fibers to keep feet dry, Feetures’ Elite line is designed with the same Sock Lock technology like the Merino 10 line in order to provide an anatomical fit for targeted compression in the arch which provides all-day support and eliminates blisters.

Contributor’s site:  feetures

Tailwind Nutrition Drinks

Tailwind Nutrition’s Rebuild is the first recovery drink based on a patent-pending complete protein – a groundbreaking organic rice and coconut milk-based formula, specially designed to restore your energy and recover your muscles after exercise.

It combines:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Electrolytes
  • Amino acids

So it’s formulated with essential building blocks your body needs to replace depleted glycogen stores, balance metabolism, and rebuild broken-down muscle fibers.

Other excellent features include:

– All-Natural Ingredients: non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. 

– 100% Complete Protein. Rebuild contains twice the amount of complete protein found in chocolate milk, and nearly three times as much complete protein as in competing products, without additives or excess proteins that put undue strain on the liver.

All in all, rebuild easily mixes with water for a smooth, delicious drink – without the whey, dairy, or excess protein waste common in many alternatives.

Contributor: Dan Arnett from Darby communications 

Mobile Warming Heated Apparel

Mobile Warming Heated Apparel clothing is a great gift for mountain bikers. This Bluetooth heated clothing makes mountain biking accessible during any season.

The clothing can be heated through a specialized app and the Bluetooth capability of your smartphone. Turn it up when you get cold, turn it down when it gets warmer. Simple!

For mountain bikers, the base layers are terrific, especially when they are biking in colder locations or even in early morning when it’s a bit colder. They can start with the base layer on high, then turn it down as the sun comes up and they get warmer.

Art Sesnovich from Bulldog communications

Vena 6Netic Smartphone Mount

Vena’s 6Netic Magnetic Bike smartphone mount is perfect for cyclists who want to stay connected for:

  • Hands-free phone calls
  • Music playback
  • Navigation

It is one of the first magnetic mounts in the market to offer the option to mount an action camera or a compatible light. The Vena mount is lightweight yet sturdy in design to ensure security for devices while bicycling on rough terrain.

Excellent aspects of the mount include:

  • Powerful N45 magnets to safely and securely mount oyur smartphone to the bike.
  • GoPro compatible. It is almost universal.
  • Simple installation thanks to the magnets.
  • Nylon impregnated plastic for durability
  • 2 straps provide increased security
  • A mount arm allows space for cable management and easy installation of your accessories.
  • 360-degree rotatable mount for perfect device viewing

Contributor’s site: Venaproducts

Edge 520 GPS

This GPS is the best of the best. Its features speak for themselves:

  • Includes Strava Summit and Garmin Connect integration.
  • Approx. 15 hours of battery life – plenty for the trails!
  • More signal options available off the beaten path. 

Contributor: Haley Kieser from VOORMI

Lumina Micro 750 Light

This light is a bit of a beast.

  • Super bright
  • Light-weight – only weighs 130g with the mount. 

A helmet mount is available separately, but it’s perfect for mounting onto handle-bars as well. A must for those peaceful night-time rides!

Contributor: Haley Kieser from VOORMI


VOORMI River Shirt

While not a gadget, the technology within this long sleeve should be considered one.

It works wonders in the summer time by keeping me cool through a long ride in the desert and also protected from the sun. 

  • Made with precision blended wool,
  • Looks brand new even after my hydration pack has done its fair share of wearing.

Contributor: Haley Kieser from VOORMI

Akaso EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera

This is the more affordable version of a GoPro that’s waterproof and remote

control operated.

  • Records 30 frames per second and takes 12MP photos to give you professional quality footage every time.
  • Battery life should last 90 minutes and it even has a 170-degree wide angle.
  • Share your footage in minutes thanks to built-in WiFi and HDMI.

Contributor Sam Maizlech from glacier wellness

Helmet Hack for Preventing Distractions While Riding

No Sweat helmet liners 

NoSweat’s thin, disposable liners stick to the inside of helmets to

  • Instantly wick away sweat 
  • Prevent stains, odors, acne
  • End stopping to wipe your face.

Depending on the person and the activities being performed, each liner can last up to two weeks.

Contributor: NoSweat from NoSweat


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links from which Radnut may collect a share of sales revenue.

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