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Best For Your Protection: Mountain Biking Pads

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It is obvious that mountain bikers may would need knee pads. But many bikers who have never worn them are left wondering.

Why do mountain riders need knee pads?

Whenever a biker is riding at any speed, there is an increased risk of falling. When they fall, it is very likely to catch a knee in the ground. The pain might not be life threatening but it is very painful. You will not be able to walk for a very long time.

This is where knee pads comes into play. Knee pads will relieve the pain and allow you to walk after a day or two. It will also reduce the trauma on the skin and allow no permanent harm.

It is not uncommon that when a biker falls the skin or forehead will be badly bruised and cut. The helmet will obviously save your head but if you still have skin injury this may cause a mild concussion, which will just increase your headache for a long time.

Knee pads will prevent such damage to the skin and allow the body to heal itself. They will also absorb shock from the ground on the fall and further reduce the pain or injury on your knee.

Some knee pads are sold without inner padding. Some riders like the feeling of not having any padding but most riders like to have it. Inner padding will reduce heat build up so sweat will be less. Also, sweat will not irritate your knees and cause redness. It is better and more comfortable with padding.

You Need Protection Out on the Trails

If you’re new to mountain biking, you’ll probably have noticed a few things. Mountain biking is fun. It’s addictive. Turns are great. Jumps are amazing. The ground is hard.

This is probably why many mountain bikers go on seeing their quads in pain after riding for some time. They usually get a swelling and go home early with a bum knee. This is actually the worst case, and the best thing to do is make sure that it’s at the least and that you don’t have an actual injury.

This is bad enough, but kneepads are an investment for your health. They’re also more comfortable and obviously pretty much necessary for biking. You’re gonna have a bad time without them.

They protect your knees

Let’s continue with the above scenario. If you continue to ride on your bike and after some time it seems that your ankles are hurting more than your knees, you could either readjust your position, or you’ll need knee pads.

Other than protecting the knees from the hard ground on the trail, padding is also great for preventing hot spots, and preventing uncomfortable blisters. Pads will keep you feeling more comfortable while you’re on the trail.

They protect your clothes

These pads were actually introduced for your safety, but they also protect your pants. The aforementioned knee pads protect your skin from sliding and ripping directly off your skin, but the calves and the thighs are another story.

When biking quickly, the tight clothes can hit the rocks and other objects and make new holes, or even unstitch a few stitches, especially with loose pants. There is a risk of catching on your bike too. This is easily prevented by wearing knee pads, it’s just one less thing to worry about and you won’t need to buy new pants every week.

Comfort is key

This is probably the most important reason that you should buy knee pads. You’re gonna put them on, and they’re gonna protect you the whole time that you’re biking. It’s different than bike pads because you can use them whenever you like, and they fit better under different clothes.

Of course, they’re not the same as padded biking clothing, but you can’t realistically always wear padded stuff and walk around town right? This is why you might want to look for a different kind of protection.

You can also wear these pads over your socks or even over your biking pants, depending on what you’re wearing. They can help protect your clothes from flies and other dirt that you might pick up during your ride and the padding is great for hot days.

There are some knee pads that you can even wear over your pants, such as the Fox Moto 3 Intense knee pads . They might be a little inconvenient, but they will protect your pants from paint or other stuff you might pick up.

Reason to Wear Pads When Mountain Biking

The reason to wear knee pads is that in the event of a fall, they will act as a buffer to decrease the impact on your knees and will take away some of the pain. But there’s one more reason, because wearing knee pads actually prepares you to fall properly. If you wear knee pads, you will fall quickly to your knees instead of turning your body to throw your leg, which could lead to other injuries like slipping back toward a rock.

Prepare for the Event of a Fall

If hiking or doing active physical things is never included in your daily routine, it is very likely you will fall sooner or later. It is important to be prepared for the event of a fall. The most important thing is that no one will see you do it, and you will not feel embarrassed. In order to avoid this, try to familiarize yourself with the place you’re visiting, if this is your first time here.

If you are mountain biking along the trails, you will probably face a fall at some point, whether you suffer injury or not. In order to prevent overall pain and possible injury, knee pads will only help you. They will actually help you to fall properly, thus preventing injury to your knees and your back.

They will also protect your clothes, which will also look fresh, as it would if you had never had a fall at all. But if it does happen, you will be able to move and walk without any major pain. This will also allow you to continue biking, because a fall is never nice, but usually very quick.

In the case of a long, hard fall, it is highly recommended to wash your clothes as soon as possible so you do not have to see the marks all day long. If you do not want to wash your clothes, but would like to wash your knees, in this case, you should purchase knee pads with a cover suitable for washing.

Find Out the Right Size & Fit For Your Knee Pads

There are several reasons to consider buying knee pads when mountain biking. One of the most important, of course, is to protect your knees. They are also a great way to prepare for the fall as well as preventing overall pain.

They are also a great way to prevent injury when you’re tackling obstacles on your bike. Whether it’s paint or nails, you can protect yourself from any objects, and prevent your pants from being torn.

Pro X2 Knee Pad

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7 iDP Sam Hill Lite Knee Pads

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The fit of the Sam Hill Lite Knee Pads are extremely snug, and I’ve never had to pull it up once while riding. I had the same feedback from a few other mountain bikers in my network, too. This mesh also seems a lot more durable than most other lightweight knee pads I’ve personally used. A lot of other products seem to rip at the calf as you pull them on and off eventually.

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