4 Things Every Subaru Needs To Tackle Off-Roading

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Subarus are excellent vehicles for off-roading, but they’re not ready to scale boulders and kick up mud without some help. Below, we explain the key things every Subaru needs to tackle off-roading, from a lifted suspension to a winch and more.

Lifted Suspension

The first modification Subaru owners should consider when getting their vehicle off-road ready is lifting the suspension. It doesn’t have to be a massive suspension increase—even a two-inch lift kit makes a difference on Subarus.

A lift kit looks cool and makes your vehicle more capable of overcoming treacherous obstacles like rocks and boulders. Plus, the extra gap will help protect your Subaru’s undercarriage and even enhance your vehicle’s balance.

Undercarriage Protection

While a lifted suspension will help protect your Subaru’s vulnerable undercarriage, it still needs some added protection. A skid plate is a basic modification that every off-road vehicle benefits from, and every Subaru off-road owner should get.

A skid plate protects key components of your Subaru, like the fuel tank and transfer box, from getting damaged by rocks and brush and keeps mud, dirt, and dust from getting into critical parts and causing problems. A skid plate is relatively affordable and easy to install, so for the extensive protection it provides, it’s well worth the investment.

Capable Tires

Next, your Subaru needs some quality and capable tires to tackle off-roading. The basic, general-purpose tires that the Subaru comes with won’t last long once the vehicle goes off the beaten path into uncharted and muddy, dirty, or sandy territory.

Plenty of off-road tires are available for drivers to choose from, each with its advantages for certain terrains. Alternatively, you can purchase all-terrain tires. With the added clearance from your lifted suspension, getting bigger tires will provide even more traction and capability for your Subaru.

Recovery Gear

Even if you’re the most skilled off-road driver in the world in the most capable Subaru ever created, you’re still likely to get stuck or stranded while off-roading. Regardless of skill level, every off-roader should have ample recovery gear to help them out of sticky situations and help other stranded off-roaders should they cross them.

The best recovery modification every off-roader needs is a winch, which can help them self-recover instead of requiring a tow from someone else. Other recovery gear off-roaders should keep in their vehicles include:

  • Recovery boards
  • Shovels
  • Jacks
  • Recovery rope
  • Tow straps
  • Tire repair kit

With these simple modifications and helpful tools, your Subaru can safely traverse all kinds of terrain, from steep rock climbs to muddy trails!

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