Vitus E-Sommet VR review – “Bargain priced, High Performance enduro e-bike”

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The ten out of ten electric enduro machine as reviewed by BikeRadar, Singletrack and MBR wins on both pricing and performance. This bike represents a milestone in e-bikes in that it feels and rides like a regular enduro bike, with slighlty wider bars and an electric battery. Granted, you probably aren’t going very far with a bike that comes in at over 22kg without the assistence of the battery, but you won’t need to. Vitus built upon the same design they used for their manual enduro and have created a bike that allows for a composed acsent while being unstoppable downhill.

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Nice one. Cathkin’s come on leaps and bounds and the new trails are proper challenging. The only thing you missed was the addition of skills development features which has provided a big boost to MTB coaching in the west of Scotland.

Details of the new Five Ten Impact Pro / @fivetenuk …