Underexposed Charlemont, MA


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Underexposed is a self-filmed and produced series by Pivot Cycles athlete Brice Shirbach dedicated to showcasing trail advocacy and stewardship while exploring a variety of trails in places that may be unfamiliar to many. Join Brice as he explores the personal motivations behind the effort that goes into mountain bike advocacy while sampling the trails they work so hard for.

"I feel like I’ve made it pretty clear over the years just how much I love spending my time in the great state of Vermont, which might explain my infatuation with Charlemont, Massachusetts. The very same mountains that cover most of the Green Mountain State also cover all of western Massachusetts, they’re just called the Berkshires once they cross state lines. You can call them whatever you want, I just know that the same magical terrain that lends itself to world-class trails up in Vermont is also abundant down in the Berkshires, as is the community’s willingness to embrace it."

– Brice Shirbach

Author: Pivot Cycles

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