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The VOLT is multifunctional and perfect for various sports such as running, cycling, hiking or SUP. With its unique full-frame or half-frame design, it can be individually adapted according to your needs. Highlight: You can personalize the sports glasses and choose from a total of 450 different color combinations that match your style. Order the jaw additionally and complete your look. You can easily apply the jaw within a few seconds.

The material composition of the sports glasses consists of 50% our sustainable plastic mixture CO2RE®, which ensures longevity and durability. You can learn more about the bio-based plastic here.

Be prepared for changing weather conditions and different lighting conditions with sports glasses with interchangeable lenses. A total of 6 different glasses with UV400 protection and a Nano HD coating are available. Enjoy clear vision and full eye protection while exercising.

With sports glasses for women and men, you always have the right companion on your side and you experience the best combination of function and comfort. Buy the sports glasses online and perform at your best.

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