The Season’s Best GoPro POVs

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With $150,000 on the line, the GoPro Line of the Winter contest set out to discover the most epic GoPro POV ski + snowboard lines. Our GoPro Athletes + judges Jamie Anderson, Tom Wallisch, Sage Kotsenburg, Hedvig Wessel, + Kai Jones had their work cut out, sifting through thousands of submissions to crown the best skiing + snowboarding clips of the ’23/’24 snow season. The result was killer POV footage from around the world, ranging from California to Argentina to Antartica + everywhere in between. These are just some of the beautiful raw runs these skiers + snowboarders were able to capture + we were lucky enough to see through GoPro Awards.
Ski + snowboard athletes across the globe scored steep spines, sent it far out in the backcountry, chased the best conditions + put their skills to the test in hopes of earning the title "GoPro Line of the Winter."

Congrats to all that took home cash. Thanks for getting after it 💪

By order of appearance:
Ugo Troubat
Adrià Millan
Che Contreras
Jake Doan
Noé Kaech
Marcus Goguen
Xavier De Le Rue
Dan Scanlon
Josh Daiek
Jon Penfield
Maxime Chabloz
Jim Ryan
Rúnar Hjörleifsson
Nial Romanek
Sebi Mall
Joel Loverin
Jack Kilmain
Nils Mindnich
Lars Storli
Liam Rivera
Torgeir Bergrem
Craig Murray
Colby Stevenson

Check out the overall contest results here:

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