Santa Cruz Factory Tour with Greg Minnaar [Episode 1 of 4]

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Four-time downhill World Champion Greg Minnaar has been racing for Santa Cruz Bicycles since 2008. So when he told us that he didn’t know what goes into building the bikes he rides we knew we had a job for him. In this four-part series, Greg visits the Factory in Santa Cruz, CA where we design, engineer, test, validate, assemble and package every Santa Cruz bike.

Greg doesn’t get the VIP treatment, though. Instead, he’s coached by the real bike building champions and actually gets his hands dirty to bring some bikes to life.

In part one, Greg gets the lay of the land, explains his true motivation for becoming a professional bike racer, assembles a link, and discovers the depth of what happens and the people behind it in Santa Cruz, CA.

• About Santa Cruz Bikes •
Santa Cruz Bicycles creates category-leading downhill, cross country, and electric bikes, but the company is best known for models that combine the same pedalability and descending prowess the OG Tazmon brought to the table. We design, research, engineer, manufacture and assemble the very highest quality bikes. We do most of this ourselves in Santa Cruz, CA. Our bikes are so simply advanced that they perform at the highest level and are made to last many lifetimes of real world abuse.
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