Red Bull Rampage Iconic Moments for the History Books

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The biggest problem when cherry picking best moments that happened on Red Bull Rampage over the past two decades… there’s just TOO MANY of them. Nevertheless there are some that redefined not only the event itself, but the sport of freeride mountain biking as a whole. Sit back, relax, enjoy the trip down the memory lane & let us know if we’ve missed any.

1. 2001 Crispy Bauman is the first-ever rider to drop into Red Bull Rampage.
2. 2001 The Godfather Wade Simmons wins inaugural event. 
3. 2001 Steve Peat shows up for one run. 
4. 2003 Cedric Gracia pulls the first backflip for the win. Sport is accepted by racers.
5. 2004 Kyle Strait wins at 17-years-old.
6. 2004 Cam Zink attempts first 360-drop at Red Rampage but crashes. The seed is planted.
7.  2004 Darren Bearclaw shows up as an alternate, does a superman seat grab, get’s 3rd.
8. 2008 Red Bull Rampage returns and 17-years-old Brandon Semenuk wins signalling a changing of the guard.
9. 2010 Red Bull Rampage goes live for the fans to see.
10. 2010 Brandon Semenuk enlists a dream team of builders & builds a massive natural canyon gap. The following year everyone has a build team.
11. 2010 Cam Zink 360-drop Oakley Icon Sender is built.
12. 2012 Cam Zink Cam Zink crashes on on the canyon gap.
13. 2013 Kelly McGarry backflips over canyon gap.
14. 2013 Cam Zink flips the Sender. 
15. 2013 Kyle Strait first 2-times winner. 
16. 2014 TVS Tom Van Steenbergen front flips the canyon gap.
17. 2015 Antione Bizet attempts the first double backflip and breaks his arm. He successfully lands it in 2016.
18. 2017 Tom Van Steenbergen does a caveman on the start of his line.
19. 2017 Kurt Sorge becomes the 1st 3-times winner .
20. 2019 Brandon Semenuk builds the “perfect Rampage run” combining all the elements of the past two decades to take his 3rd victory.

Red Bull Rampage 2021 will take place on October 15th. Everything you need to know 👉
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